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Spilled the jam with him, then used the knife on the cup itself: what happened when he was drunk that he took the life of his friend… read

we put the knife on the cup itself

we put the knife on the cup itself

Jagdalpur. A middle-aged man stabbed his friend to death in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh. Let us tell you that shortly before the incident, both the friends were laughing together. Then suddenly there was a dispute between them. After this both of them attacked each other with knife. During this a young man died. This matter belongs to City Kotwali police station area.

According to the information received, two friends Arjun Baghel (45) and Bharat Chaurasia (48) were sitting under the banyan tree at Panara Para in Jagdalpur. Both of them were intoxicated and were laughing and talking to each other for a long time. During this, there was an argument between the two about something, then both got into a scuffle. After this Bharat attacked Arjuna with the knife kept with him. He stabbed Arjun several times in the stomach with a knife. He was injured by this. In the meantime, the people around reached the spot and intervened. He informed the police about this.

Incident caught in CCTV camera

The police reached the spot, arrested Bharat and took the injured to the hospital. Arjun died during treatment. Let us tell you that this whole incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed outside a nearby house, whose video is also going viral on social media.

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