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Sir, my life is in danger: District President of Gondwana Ganatantra Party handed over complaint letter to SP-Collector

Ravikant Singh Rajput – Manendragarh. Kewal Singh Markam, district president of Gondwana Ganatantra Party in Manendragarh district of Chhattisgarh, has complained to the collector. Kewal Singh has said in his complaint that MLA Gulab Kamro is creating panic among his party workers by getting them beaten up. At the same time, his life is also in danger.

Kewal Singh Markam has written in his complaint letter that the workers of Gondwana Ganatantra Party are continuously raising their voice against the irregularities being done in the area by MLA Kamro. They are counting all their flaws in front of the public. Because of this, our workers are being assaulted and misbehaved by the MLA.

MLA could not stop me from becoming deputy sarpanch

Kewal Singh Markam has said that he is also the Deputy Sarpanch of Grihgram Salhi. From time to time, only Singh Markam is seen counting the failures of the MLA through forums and social media. Even after wanting Gulab Kamro, Singh could not stop Markam from becoming Deputy Sarpanch.

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Sir, my life is in danger: district president of gondwana ganatantra party handed over complaint letter to sp-collector - news2news. In

Counting the failure of the MLA, there is fury

In the complaint, Markam has written that due to this fury, the MLA conspired to implicate party officials like Janakpur block president, Bharatpur block president, Manendragarh city president, MCB district president and other workers and implicate them in false cases. Used to be. The information of the incident was given to Singh Markam only by their own leaders. He said that due to the actions of the MLA, there is fear among the office bearers of my party. He has said that, if any incident happens to me, the local MLA will be responsible for it. He has complained about this by submitting a memorandum to the Collector and the Superintendent of Police.

Any untoward incident can happen to me: Kewal Singh

Kewal Singh Markam has said that the district administration has not resolved all the applications we have given against the MLA. For this reason any untoward incident may happen to me, which I suspect. That’s why I am informing you about this. If any kind of incident happens, it should be linked to what I have written. He said that Gondwana has a good mass base in the Bharatpur-Sonhat assembly constituency. He got 26 thousand votes in the last assembly elections.

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