Sahastrabahu jayanti: People of Kalar community celebrated Lord Kartavirya-Arjun Jayanti with great pomp.


Sahastrabahu jayanti: People of Kalar community celebrated Lord Kartavirya-Arjun Jayanti with great pomp.

Kuljot Sandhu-Kondagaon. Today, Kalar community celebrated the birth anniversary of Sahastrabahu Arjuna with great pomp in village Jugani Kalar of Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh. First of all, puja was performed as per the rituals on the photo of Sahastrabahu Arjun, after which the program was inaugurated.

Let us tell you that every year the birth anniversary of Sahastrabahu Arjun is celebrated on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. Today in Farasgaon, the people of Kalar community started the program by performing rituals. After this, chief guest Kalar Samaj Divisional President Dinesh Poya, Patron Amar Singh Kashyap and other members of the society told about the biography of Sahastrabahu Arjun. Local public representatives, singers, priests, Kalar community officials, elders, women and youth were present in this program.

Know who is Maharaj Sahastrabahu Arjun

Maharaj Sahasrabahu was born in the 10th generation of Haihaya dynasty from the womb of Mother Padmini. His birth name was Ekveer. Being the son of Maharaja Kritavirya of Chandravansh, he is called Kartavirya-Arjuna. It is said that Emperor Sahasrabahu Arjun ruled over the entire islands of the earth. It is also mentioned in Matsya Purana. He pleased Dattatreya, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and received the boon of a thousand hands and the title of Chakravarti Samrat. He was the mighty king of Mahishmati. He was the one who established the Kalar, Kalal and Kalwar communities.

Maharaj Kartavirya Arjun is the founder of Kalar Samaj.

Maharaj is also known by the names Sahasrabahu, Kartavirya Arjun Haihyadhipati, Dashagrivijayi, Sudshen, Chakravatara, Saptadravipadhi, Kritaviryanandan, Rajeshwar etc. People of Kalar community consider him to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and worship him. There is an ancient temple of Sahastrabahu ji at a place called Maheshwar near Indore in Madhya Pradesh, which is situated on the banks of Narmada. Just opposite to this temple, on the other end of the banks of Narmada, is the Navada Tila place which is famous as an ancient relic.

He fought many wars. Once he even had a fight with Ravana. He defeated Ravana in this war. Whereas Maharaj Sahastrabahu had taken Kamadhenu cow from sage Jamdagni without his permission. So the sage son Parshuram ji thought of bringing back Kamdhenu for the sake of honoring his father and fought with Sahastrarjun. Sahastrarjuna’s arms were cut off in the battle and he was killed. Then the sons of Sahastrarjuna, in revenge, killed their father Jamadagni in the absence of Parashurama. After this, in anger, Lord Parashuram had made the earth devoid of Kshatriyas 21 times.

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