Protest: Chhattisgarh Health Federation did Water Satyagraha, how they got into the pond water… watch video


Protest: Chhattisgarh Health Federation did Water Satyagraha, how they got into the pond water… watch video

Raipur. Chhattisgarh Health Federation has been standing at the protest site in Nava Raipur for almost 20 days for their demands. The government is taking action of dismissal and suspension against the agitating employees, but the federation is taking its movement forward with new strength every day. Today the Federation performed Water Satyagraha by descending into the pond located in the new capital Tuta. About 20 people did water satyagraha in this demonstration. After this, the police quickly took out the Chhattisgarh Health Federation protesters. A large number of police forces were deployed on this occasion. Watch the video-

It is noteworthy that even in the midnight meeting held with Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdev, the demands of the health workers could not be reached. On Saturday, the striking health workers will perform water satyagraha near the protest site. In the meeting, information is being given that a proposal has been prepared at the departmental level on their demands, but the health workers are adamant on ending the strike only after getting a departmental order. During the ongoing strike under the banner of Health Federation, action of dismissal and suspension of health workers has been taken at the government level, but it does not seem to have any significant effect.

The strike did not end even after the order

The leaders leading the movement say that even after the government’s action, the health workers providing emergency services are coming on strike after filling the official forms. He said that assurances have been given for a long time to fulfill their demands, this time their strike will end only after the departmental order. The late night meeting with Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdev on Thursday night ended at this point.

Protest: chhattisgarh health federation did water satyagraha, how they got into the pond water... Watch video - news2news. In

Poor health facilities in rural areas

Although the effect of the strike is not visible in urban areas, the health system in rural areas, especially remote areas, is in a state of collapse. From the health centers there to the district hospital, everything from emergency to general health system has come to a standstill. The Health Federation strike is going on since 21st August and since 23rd August they are stuck at the protest site in Tuta. Dr. Iqbal Hussain, provincial coordinator of Chhattisgarh Health Federation and Tarjan Gupta, state president of Health Coordinator Employees Union, said that the employees sitting on strike will express their protest by doing water satyagraha on Tuesday.

There is a five-point demand

The movement going on under the banner of Health Federation includes five-point demands. Among these, the main demand is to remove the salary discrepancy of all cadres. Along with this, the payment of risk allowance during the Covid period will be made as per the announcement. Matters like recruitment to vacant posts and institutional FIRs on violent incidents are included.

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