Press Conference- Congress Press Conference: Selja said- Will bring the dark deeds of BJP among the public…


Press Conference- Congress Press Conference: Selja said- Will bring the dark deeds of BJP among the public…

Raipur- Before the elections, the political stir is intensifying. Meanwhile, BJP is soon going to issue a charge sheet against Congress for betrayal of public trust and corruption in the state. On the other hand, Home Minister Amit Shah will arrive in Chhattisgarh this evening. Before his arrival, to open the black book of BJP, state in-charge Kumari Selja and President Deepak Baij held a press conference…hear what they said..

There has been discrimination against Chhattisgarh…

Let us tell you, Congress has issued Congress black letter against BJP on 212 points. Also, through the press conference, state in-charge Kumari Selja took a dig at the central government and said that they have discriminated against Chhattisgarh. There have been attempts to intimidate and threaten our leaders. But our leaders and our people are not afraid.

People did not forget the bad governance…

Attacking the BJP, state in-charge Kumari Selja said that the public has not been able to forget the misrule of 15 years till date. We will keep the dark deeds of BJP among the public, BJP leaders come here and do politics of lies. The tenure of 15 years has proved to be a dark chapter for Chhag. During this tenure, the public was exploited and promises were also broken.

Corruption happened in Raman government…

PCC Chief Deepak Baij, who was present in the press conference, said that there was a lot of corruption in the state during the Raman government. BJP has done injustice to all sections. Also, the Center has reduced the amount in many schemes to the state government.

Claiming to have opened the black book of the previous BJP government of Chhattisgarh, Congress leaders listed some such points…

85 points against Modi government

26 points of misgovernance and anti-people decisions of Modi government

34 points of scam of Raman government and his cabinet colleagues

54 points related to exploitation of Chhattisgarh in Raman government

9 points that describe BJP as anti-tribal

4 included points calling BJP anti-farmer

A point that BJP’s tribals, scheduled castes, tribes and backward classes are anti-poor.

Raman Singh government accused of scam

Congress has accused the BJP government, which ruled Chhattisgarh for 15 years, and its cabinet of scam. For this, a list of these scams in 34 points has also been issued.

Naan scam worth Rs 36000 crore?

Panama Papers Scam.

Mova paddy scam.

Kunkuri rice scam.

Eye-splitting incident: People lost their eyesight due to fake medicines.

Gybrashya Scandal: Women’s uteruses were removed for smart cards. The health minister was Ajay Chandrakar.

In the sterilization scandal, fake medicines were used on women.

DKS scam.

Paddy transportation scam done by Shivratan Sharma’s nephew.

Possession of government land.

Pora Bai incident.

Instead of the wife of the then Education Minister Kedar Kashyap, some other woman sat for the examination.

Furniture scam.

Scam in purchase of science equipment.

Excise scam of 4400 crores.

1667 crore scam done in fodder, medicine and construction in the name of cow shed.

Scam committed in the purchase of medicines, seeds and agricultural equipment in the Seed Corporation.

Scam in the construction of warehouses of State Warehouse.

Scam in multi vitamin syrup in health department.

Land scam.

Jhalki Scam (Brijmohan Agarwal).

Scam at transport check post.

Scam in mobile purchase.

Bardana scam.

Bhadaura land scam (Amar Agarwal).

Pushp steel scam.

Chaubey Colony land scam.

Indira Priyadarshini Bank Scam.

Skywalk scam.

Expressway scam.

Bilaspur Sakri bypass scam.

Tendupatta purchase scam (300 crores).

Chit-fund scam.

Ratan Jot scam.

Selja’s 10 big allegations against BJP

It is necessary for the public to know the dark deeds of the central government.

BJP promotes politics of lies

Union Minister makes wrong statements after coming to Chhattisgarh

The real character of BJP in the country is anti-tribal and anti-Dalit.

Inflation is at its peak today

The election has come, so the gas cylinder is remembered.

When elections came, inflation was remembered

When the elections came, did the people remember? Today’s reality is that people are not able to even eat a full meal. The biggest scam is Adani scam.

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