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Police is kind to the contractor: kept cheating the girl for 12 years… kept raping her, getting her aborted…

Bilaspur- Had the girl been raped by an ordinary person, the police would have immediately arrested her and sent her to jail, but when it comes to political leaders or contractors, the police shy away from even registering an FIR. One such case has come to the fore from Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, where for the past four days a young woman has been circling the police station. But no one is ready to register his FIR.

The girl accused the contractor of rape …

Often in cases of rape, the statement of the girl is considered enough, but something else seems to be happening here. Is this happening because, in her statement, the girl has accused influential contractor Pankaj Kaushik of raping her on the pretext of marrying her. In such a case, the police registers an FIR as soon as possible. But what happened now that for four days the girl kept getting upset and the lice were not crawling in the ears of the police administration.

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