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Naxalites set Tendupatta on fire: Goods worth lakhs were burnt to ashes… Wrote in the pamphlet – Donation was not given to the Naxalite organization… That is why the incident took place

Pankaj Bhadoria / Dantewada- Police is continuously guarding the Tendupatta collection site in Naxal affected areas. Meanwhile, in Kosalnar village under Barsoor police station area of ​​Dantewada district, Naxalites set ablaze Tendupatta Phad. The bundle in which the Naxalites set it on fire contained a total of 324 bags of goods. After arson, all the goods were burnt to ashes. People’s Militia Naxalites have also thrown pamphlets at the incident site, in which it has been said that the Naxalite organization did not get financial help, hence this incident has been carried out.

The truck was also burnt along with tendu leaves.

According to the information, a similar case had come to the fore last week. Where unknown people had set fire to Tendupatta Phad late night. A truck was also burnt at the same place, after which the Dantewada police refused to accept it as a Naxalite incident and started their investigation in the name of unknown people. After this, today another incident has come to the fore, this time the Naxalites have left leaflets apart from setting Tendupatta Phad on fire. It can be speculated that Naxalites were also behind the burning of 3 leaves of Tendupatta and fire in 1 truck in Ronje village.

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