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Nava Raipur went for a walk with boyfriend: The corpse of a bank worker returned home, relatives and Bajrang Dal accused the lover of murder…

Nava raipur went for a walk with boyfriend: the corpse of a bank worker returned home, relatives and bajrang dal accused the lover of murder... - news2news. In

Raipur. A young woman who went to visit with her boyfriend in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur died. After the death of the girl, the relatives of the deceased and Bajrang Dal workers created a ruckus and there is a demand to register a case against the girl’s lover. However, the have not registered the case yet. Action has been assured after investigation. The name of the deceased is said to be 24-year-old Monika Yadav resident of Siltara. At present, the police has sent the body of the girl for postmortem and has started investigating the matter. The matter is of Telibandha police station area.

Some time ago there was a fight between the two

According to the information received, Monika Yadav, who lives in Siltara area of ​​Raipur, was in love with 28-year-old Wahid Ali living in Bhanpuri. There was a relationship between the two for some time. Monika Yadav also used to work in the branch of Bank of Baroda in Raipur. Some time back, the girl also had a fight with the young man. Wahid reaches her office to meet Monika. There he went to the bank and wanted to talk to the girl. There was also an argument between the two. Wahid remained in the bank for a long time, when he did not agree to accept it, then the girl agreed to go with him. From here both had left for Nava Raipur.

Went to visit Nava Raipur

Monica and Wahid had gone to visit Nava Raipur, but her body has returned to Monica’s house. At the same time, Wahid told that Monica was sitting on the back seat while riding on the bike in Nava Raipur. She suddenly fell, injuring her head. Wahid took Monica to Balco Hospital, but from here she was referred to a private hospital in Telibandha and it was here that Monica died.

The young man was pressurizing the girl’s family to marry

The girl’s family members and Bajrang Dal activists created a ruckus regarding this matter and there is a demand to register a case against the girl’s lover. Bajrang Dal’s provincial convenor Rishi Mishra and Ravi Wadhwani told that the young man used to beat up the girl. The young man was also pressurizing the girl’s family to marry forcibly. But he remained silent for fear of slander in the society. The members of the Bajrang Dal claim that Wahid deliberately created the scene of this accident and carried out the . He deliberately took Monica to Balco Hospital and kept the matter complicated for a long time there. Monica died after being brought to Telibandha hospital from there. Wahid sent the news of his death to Monica’s family members from an ambulance driver, but did not speak for himself. In this case, Bajrang Dal has demanded from Raipur Police to register a case of .

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