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Lock hanging on Anganwadi centers: Police stopped the women going to join the movement, then they did the same

Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, Anganwadi workers and assistants from all over the state sat on a dharna for the second day on 6-point demands, including salary at the collector rate. If their demand is not met, their strike will continue till January 27. Due to this, the lock is hanging in the Anganwadi centers. Pregnant women, mothers and children are not getting nutritious food due to the strike.

On Tuesday, the second day of the strike, Anganwadi workers and assistants from all over the state reached the protest site at Budhatalab in the capital. Due to this, there was a jam near Budhatalab, due to which the passengers had to face trouble.

The road on which stopped, the same road was blocked

When the Anganwadi workers coming from Nandanvan side were stopped by the police, the Anganwadi women staged a sit-in near the highway. The same condition was seen in many places of the capital as well, due to which the situation of jam remained at many places.

Agitation done on Rajim’s Mahanadi bridge

Similarly, Anganwadi workers from Girayaband district, who were going to participate in the protest, were stopped by the police at the Mahanadi bridge in Rajim, while hundreds of women of the district staged a protest at the Mahanadi bridge itself. Due to this the road was obstructed on both sides. Passengers had to face a lot of trouble. Watch the video….

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