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Liquor scam: Congress said- Due to the assembly elections, the central government hatched this conspiracy through ED

Raipur. State Congress Communications Department President Sushil Anand Shukla held a press conference at Rajiv Bhavan on Wednesday regarding the alleged liquor scam case in Chhattisgarh. During this, he fiercely attacked BJP, Central Government, ED and IT. Sushil Anand Shukla said that Rs 2,000 crore has been recovered in the alleged liquor scam in the state. This corruption is being hatched to defame the government.

threatening people at gunpoint

Shri Shukla said that the scripting of this whole fabricated allegations started 3 years back. In view of the assembly elections, the central government has hatched this conspiracy through the ED. IT’s raid failed, ED could not present evidence, fabricating story on the basis of same action taken by IT. He said that when even the ED could not present the evidence, a conspiracy is being hatched to defame the government by threatening people at gunpoint. Pressure is being created to name the people sitting in the government.

Taking false name of Chief Minister: Sibal

In connection with the atrocities being committed by the ED with the witnesses in the state, senior advocate Kapil Sibal, representing the state government in the Supreme Court, said that Anwar Dhebar, Pappu Dhillon and all the officers (witnesses) have been accused that the Chief Minister Taking the false name of Being harassed for this.

The main purpose of harassing officials is only election year: Shukla

Sushil Shukla said that it was also told on behalf of Kapil Sibal that the main purpose of harassing such a large number of officers is only to paralyze the administrative system of the state in the election year. Such an incident has never been seen or heard of in any other part of the country. Taking serious note of Sibal’s allegations, the bench directed the ED’s counsel to file a reply.

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