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Here 35 women became victims of fraud: Vicious thugs sold the bike to others after passing the loan, when the notice to pay the installment came…

35 women became victim of fraud

35 women became victim of fraud

Devraj Deepak / Sarangarh. More than 30 women have become victims of fraud in Sarangarh-Bilaigarh district of Chhattisgarh. The accused sold the bikes at cheap prices to some well-known persons of the area by passing bike loans in the name of women. When the women got the notice to pay the installment of the car, then the women were shocked. After this, when the women talked to the accused who got the loan, he assured everyone that they would get the bike soon. But after not getting the bike, the women, seeing themselves cheated, immediately complained to the police station. It is being told that the women of Barmakela police station and Sariya police station area have become victims of fraud. Watch the video-

Four vicious thugs arrested

According to the information received, the accused have financed 35 motorcycles in the name of about 35 women. The vehicle found in finance was executed with the connivance of the finance and showroom operator. In this case, Barmakela police arrested 4 accused on Friday. The accused have accepted their crime. The special thing is that some name signs of Barmakela were bought from the hands of the people. The bike has been recovered, but the buyer of the fake bike has been let loose by the Barmakela police. At the same time, the police seems to be avoiding telling any kind of thing on this matter. Watch the video-

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