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Girl student brutally murdered: The accused hid the body in the shop for 4 days, kept sprinkling perfume to hide the stench, came to study from Bhilai to Bilaspur

Girl student brutally murdered: the accused hid the body in the shop for 4 days, kept sprinkling perfume to hide the stench, came to study from bhilai to bilaspur - news2news. In

. In Chhattisgarh’s district, a girl resident of Bhilai was strangled to death by her partner in a dispute over loss in the . Not only this, after the incident, the young man hid the dead body of the girl in his shop for 4 days. Now a video of this has surfaced, in which the killer is seen carrying the dead body in his car. At present, the police has arrested the accused Ashish Sahu. The case is of City Kotwali police station area.

Student was preparing for PSC

According to the information received, 24-year-old Priyanka Singh, father of Brijesh Singh, resident of Bhilai Sector 7, used to take a room in a girls hostel located at Tikrapara Mannu Chowk in City Kotwali police station area. She was preparing for PSC here. On November 15, she suddenly disappeared. His relatives called on his mobile, then the mobile was found switched off. On asking her room partner, it was found that she had not returned to the room. Frightened by this, Priyanka’s brother Himanshu Singh reached the next day and registered her missing at City Kotwali police station. Since then the police was continuously looking for him.

Controversy over sinking money in the stock market

It is being told that Ashish Sahu, a resident of Kasturba Nagar, did pharmacy from Choukse College. After this, after getting his degree, he started operating a medical store in Dayaband by the name of City Pharmacy. When the medical shop could not run, he started investing money in the stock market. He got married in the year 2020. On the other hand, he met Bhilai’s Priyanka Singh while going to and from medical, but where both of them together started investing money in the stock market, after some time when they suffered a loss, a tussle started between the two. The student had to take about 11 lakh rupees from him. On November 15, at around 1.30 pm, Priyanka had reached Ashish Sahu’s shop. During this, she started shouting at Ashish demanding money. Ashish called him to sit inside the shop and talk. Then downed the shutter of the shop. On Priyanka’s refusal, he started talking about being disturbed when the customer comes. During the conversation, there was an argument between them and Ashish killed Priyanka by strangling her. Priyanka’s screams did not make any sound, so she took out a bundle of cotton kept in the medical store and pressed it in her mouth. The surprising thing in this murder incident is that the accused Ashish kept the dead body hidden in the shop for 4 days and no one even got a clue about it. Accused Ashish kept on using perfume and scented agarbasti to prevent foul smell from spreading in and around the shop.

CCTV footage of hiding the dead body surfaced

After the accused Ashish Sahu was caught and Priyanka’s body was recovered from the car, the police re-investigated, then the CCTV footage of the front shop was seen, in which Ashish was seen taking out Priyanka’s body from his shop at around 4 am on Saturday morning. Is. The police have taken out the footage from the CCTV of the shop. Accused Ashish Sahu has confessed to killing Priyanka. On his tip, the police have also recovered Priyanka’s mobile from the drain in front of her shop, which she had thrown into the drain after the murder.

Priyanka was promising in studies

Priyanka was promising in studies from the time of school. The financial condition at home was fine. His father is a manager in a bank, and grandfather was working in BSP. In such a situation, she used to save her pocket money and invest it to meet her expenses. She used to save money even by teaching tuition. Watch the video-

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