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Gajanand book se satta: When a young man was handed over, a big racket broke out, different types of apps found in mobile

Dilip Verma – Tilda-Nevra. In Chhattisgarh, the police is continuously taking action against those who feed betting. Still the bookies are not deterred. In this sequence, the police has arrested a young man engaged in betting. Mobile phone was recovered from the arrested youth. The case belongs to Tilda Newra police station area.

According to the information received, the police got information from the informer that a young man was betting through mobile. After this the police took action and arrested Nandu Yadav. Mobile phone has been recovered from his possession. When the police checked the mobile phone of the accused, the ID of Save Gajanand Book was found in his WhatsApp by the name of Ji. It is used in Gajanand Book IPL betting. Which is opened through the password. In this, by messaging many other people, they have requested to give the work of IPL. In the history of Telegram and Google Chrome in the mobile of the accused, there are different types of online betting apps in different types of online betting. On being strictly interrogated, the accused admitted to playing betting on cricket online.

Gajanand Book’s ID operated from Nagpur

The accused said that the ID of Gajanand Book is basically used for online betting. Which is operated by Aryan Ramani Tilda resident living in Indore through a panel, in which Ayush Meghani is his ally. The ID of Gajanand Book was earlier operated by some person in Nagpur. Which is jointly bought and operated by Tilda resident Avinash alias Babban Lalwani and his father Nandlal alias Nandu Lalwani, they have separate panels in more than one city.

The accused has told that, earlier, staying in Sasagreen Colony of Indore for 2 months, he had written online betting, in which people used to give IDs after taking money and the work of deposit withdrawal was done. The accused accepted that by creating his PAN card, an account has been opened in his name in ICICI Bank, in which transactions related to betting are done, which is operated by Aryan Ramani, and Aryan Ramani’s panel operated in Indore is supervised. The operations are done by Nandlal alias Nandu Lalwani and his son Baban Lalwani, based in Tilda.

playing satta online

Under Section 7 of the Chhattisgarh Gambling Prohibition Act, gambling, feeding and keeping and downloading any type of application related to it through the Internet, using the account by inducing and exchanging the amount related to its online betting Section 7 And action has been taken against those who committed the crime of 8. Mobile with 2 SIMs has been recovered from the possession of the accused.

Online Satta Gajanan Book Busted

The police have booked the accused Nandu Yadav and his accomplice under section 7 for gambling through the Internet, keeping any type of application related to it and downloading and abetment and using the account for exchange of money related to online betting. In order to commit the crime of section 7 and 8, the mobile phone of Oppo company with 2 SIMs fitted in the possession of the accused, one switched off, one active. In which there is the ID of Ji Gajanand App. In which basically there is a betting app for cricket betting. At present, the police have registered a case against the accused under Section 7, 8 and sent him to jail after taking him into custody.

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