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Fearless scoundrel: NSUI secretary was attacked with a knife, the accused is already accused of murder… Police failed to catch the accused!

NSUI secretary attacked with knife

NSUI secretary attacked with knife

Raipur- The miscreants have no fear of the police in the capital Raipur. Late night NSUI state secretary Mehtab Hussain was stabbed openly at Gol Chowk in Raipur. Mehtab was attacked by knife-wielding accused Om Dubey and his accomplices, in which he suffered serious injuries. Despite this, the police have not been able to arrest the accused till now. While there, Mehtab was admitted to AIIMS Hospital after getting injured and now he has been discharged.

Why Mehtab was stabbed…

Actually, the accused was demanding money from Mehtab for liquor. After which a dispute started between everyone, the dispute increased so much that the knife-wielding accused stabbed Mehtab with a knife. The special thing is that, the accused Om Dubey is already on bail in the case of attempt to murder from the Central Jail 12 days ago. On the other hand, knife maker Om Dubey’s father was in jail on charges of murder in Kharora police station. Police has given him parole for the last 15 days and at present he is absconding.

What did the victim Mehtab say…

Let me tell you, the accused Om Dubey fiercely attacked NSUI State Secretary Mehtab Hussain. After which the victim Mehtab said that, there is no acquaintance with the accused and neither is there any enmity. The question arises that, if it is not so. So why did accused Om stab Mehtab? After this incident, questions are being raised on the law and order of the state.

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