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Complainant on the floor: Sir… If not cold air, at least make arrangements to sit…

Ravikant Singh Rajput / Manendragarh. What kind of collectorate office is this… where there are not even chairs to sit for those who come with complaints. They don’t mind waiting for the collector to get their work done, but sitting on the floor definitely seems disrespectful. On the question of News2News.in.com work, some complainants say that crores have been spent in building this office. If a few thousand were spent out of the expenditure of crores, then chairs would also have been installed. In the scorching heat, even the floor starts heating up. Without chairs, these people sit on the ground and wait for the collector to take their complaint. One complainant even said that, yes sir… there must have been air conditioning inside… then how would we know the problems of the outsiders. This entire matter pertains to the new district of Chhattisgarh, Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur.

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Complainant on the floor: sir... If not cold air, at least make arrangements to sit... - news2news. In

Crores office, AC room, wheel chair… but outside heated floor

Let us tell you that the collectorate office of the new district Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur has been built by spending crores of rupees. For the officers in the office, AC, sofa wheel chairs are installed in every room. There is not even a bench for the general public. The state government spends crores of rupees to build government offices and also provides them with all kinds of facilities, so can’t chairs be arranged for the villagers? Through this video, it can be seen how the people’s representatives have to stand outside the chamber and wait for hours to meet the collector. Watch the video-

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