CM reached Bijapur: Said- Bijapur is changing, confidence among the people has increased…


CM reached Bijapur: Said- Bijapur is changing, confidence among the people has increased…

Bijapur. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reached Bijapur on Monday. Here he also addressed a meeting. He said that today many works were inaugurated in Bijapur district. 252 works worth about Rs 557 crore have been inaugurated and bhoomi pujan has been done. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you for this.

Mr. Baghel said that, 5 years ago, when I was called here, I used to come by road, while giving a speech in the program, someone used to say quietly, brother… finish quickly, I have to go back. But today Bijapur is changing. There has been a change in Bijapur. Confidence has increased among the people of Bijapur. A large number of camps have opened which were never opened before. So many roads have been built which were never built before. A lot of motorcycles were purchased, which were not there before. More than 1000 tractors have been purchased, which were not there earlier. Earlier, when I had come for the meet-meet programme, the people here used to ask for only two things. Either open a paddy procurement centre, bank here and secondly open Swami Atmanand English medium school. Even today there is a demand for a paddy procurement center because the area under cultivation has increased. The number of farmers has increased. Today, paddy is being bought in Bijapur district two times, two and a half times more than what was bought earlier.

Cm reached bijapur: said- bijapur is changing, confidence among the people has increased... - news2news. In

Earlier there was no education, how could one get a job?

Mr. Baghel said that 14-14 Swami Atmanand English schools are open. The schools which were closed have reopened. About 300 schools were closed, today more than 200 schools have started. Earlier, recruitment in government jobs was out of the question, people were not able to study. Today, 300 youth from Bijapur alone have got jobs in Bastar Fighter. Teachers have been recruited. Earlier, even ration could not reach the poor. No ration card, no material was available in the interior areas. Collector Saheb told me that in these 5 years, more than 20 thousand ration cards were made in the interior areas also. Today more than 20 hospitals have opened. Treatment is being done, doctor is deployed. Operations are being done in Bijapur, health facilities have increased. What could be bigger than this? The convenience of the general public has increased. Our tribals were not able to get pattas, we gave individual, forest rights and community pattas. We also gave community lease to Devguri. We also gave lease to Devta Dhami. Patta has been issued for backward class and scheduled caste people. Solar pumps have been installed. Light is reaching.

Big work done in the field of health education

A lot of work has been done in the field of health and education in Bijapur. The bigger thing is that farmers’ loans have been waived off. People’s interest in farming has increased. Production has increased. Last year, during the meet-meet programme, money was sought for the maintenance of such ponds which were built during the time of old kings and maharajas. We approved the maintenance of all the ponds. Be it Bijapur or Bhopalpatnam, farming is going well everywhere and there is happiness on everyone’s face. The faces which were stressed earlier, today have smiles on them. If there was a meeting somewhere in the evening, it used to be difficult to go home, now there has been a big change. Earlier, even cycle showrooms were rare here, today there are eight tractor showrooms each. Motorcycle showrooms are opening because sales are going on today.

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