CG Politics: Marathon brainstorming in Congress’s screening committee, consensus on 30 names, some complications, meeting again today


CG Politics: Marathon brainstorming in Congress’s screening committee, consensus on 30 names, some complications, meeting again today

Tickets of MLAs with single name are considered confirmed (file photo)

Tickets of MLAs with single name are considered confirmed (file photo)

Raipur. There are signs of agreement on about 30 seats in the marathon meeting of the Congress screening committee. The names of almost all the ministers and MLAs with single names, including Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, Tamradhwaj Sahu and Deputy CM TS Singhdev, have been finalized, but where there is a panel, they The screws are stuck on the seats. PCC Chief Deepak Baij says that the churning is still going on. There will be a meeting again on Saturday. Before the meeting on Friday, the Election Committee met the state government ministers separately and took feedback from them.

It has been told that, apart from their area, detailed information was taken from the ministers about the situation of ticket claimants in the districts under their charge and in the surrounding districts. After the discussion ended and dinner, the meeting continued till late night under the chairmanship of Congress Screening Committee Chairman Ajay Maken. Meanwhile, information has been received that almost consensus has been reached on about 30 seats with single names. There is said to be a tough competition on some seats.

Tickets of MLAs with single name are considered confirmed

State in-charge Kumari Selja, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, State President Deepak Baij, committee members Nett D’Souza and L Hanumantha attended the screening committee meeting. According to Congress sources, earlier in this meeting it was believed that a consensus could be reached on one name each among some senior MLAs including government ministers and on single name seats. But in the information coming out from the meeting, it is being said that on some of the seats for which there was talk of having only one name, there are more than one contenders, hence the screening committee will have to consider those names also. It is falling.

CEC will finalize the list

According to Congress sources, the list of names prepared after the exercise of the screening committee will be handed over to the party’s Central Election Committee (CEC). The names of the candidates will be decided after final consideration of all the names in the CEC meeting. After this, with the consent of the Congress high command, the list of 90 candidates of Chhattisgarh Congress will be released by AICC. This work is likely to be done in two installments.

CEC said- bring single name

According to Congress sources, the party’s Central Election Committee (CEC) has directed the screening committee to bring one name each for all the seats during deliberations instead of presenting a panel of names. Earlier, the system was that a panel of names was also sent to the CEC. According to sources, there is difficulty in making each name of the screening committee. The reason is that there are two names on 20 to 25 seats. Three or more names are in contention for the remaining 35-40 seats. Due to all these reasons, the screening committee which started on Friday evening is having to work harder.

Badge said- there will be a meeting again tomorrow

After the meeting was over, Screening Committee Chairman Ajay Maken had authorized State President Deepak Baij to give information regarding the meeting. He told the media that the committee will meet again tomorrow (Saturday). Names will be discussed. Candidates will be announced at the right time. He also added that BJP hastened to release the list of candidates.

signs of agreement on these names

Bhupesh Baghel – Patan, TS Singhdev Ambikapur, Tamradhwaj Sahu – Durg Rural, Ravindra Choubey – Saja, Mohammad Akbar – Kawardha, Shiv Dahria – Arang, Amarjeet Bhagat – Sitapur, Guru Rudrakumar – Navagarh, Kawasi Lakhma – Konta, Umesh Patel – Kharsia, Mohanmarkam. There are signs of consent on the names of 30 people including Kondagaon, Jaisingh Aggarwal – Korba, Anila Bhediya – Daundilohara, Dr. Charan Das Mahant – Sakti, Vikas Upadhyay – Raipur West, Ashish Chhabra – Bemetara, Shailesh Pandey – Bilaspur.

Single names came from the block

According to sources, when the party had started the process of claiming, only one name each had come forward for about 30 seats. On this basis, it was believed that the committee would give its seal of approval to each named seat. But from the discussion held during the meeting, information is emerging that committee members Nate D’Souza and L Hanumantha have visited different districts of the state and prepared a separate list after collecting information about the claimants from there. D’Souza and Hanumatha came to the meeting with this list. These people said that many seats which were considered to have single contenders, actually have more number of contenders. For this reason, discussions had to be held for a long time in the meeting. Information has also been received that seats with two contenders have also been considered. A list of possible candidates is likely to be prepared after this meeting. It has also been learned that before coming to Raipur for the meeting, Maken, D’Souza and Humanta had also held a meeting in Delhi.

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