cg politics: CPI took out bike rally, former MLA lashed out at BJP and Congress


cg politics: CPI took out bike rally, former MLA lashed out at BJP and Congress

Rafiq Khan-Konta. In Konta of Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, CPI took out a bike rally of around five hundred people from Sukma district headquarters and addressed the gathering in a show of strength. All the officials of CPI, All India Students Federation, All India Youth Federation, All India Adivasi Mahasabha, All India Mahila Federation and workers of all the blocks of Sukma district were present.

MLA targeted BJP

Former CPI MLA Manish Kunjam took on the local MLA and the Congress and BJP governments and made several allegations. Accusing the residents of Konta city and the villagers of various villages under Dooban area of ​​being disregarded, he said that concrete steps were not being taken regarding displacement. He said that every year people of many villages of Konta and Dooban area are troubled by the back water of Polavaram Dam and Godavari, life here remains disrupted.

Local MLA and minister accused of not doing anything

The BJP government has not done anything, along with that, after the formation of the Congress government, Kawasi Lakhma, a minister in the MLA cabinet, has not done anything till now. Manish Kunjam said that CPI is always with them to fight every battle with the families coming to Duban including Konta. At the same time, this huge bike rally of CPI is also being seen as a show of strength regarding the assembly elections along with the Polavaram issue.

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