CG NEWS: Colorful pageants, designer lamps and worship materials made by Parivartan Self Help Group are in demand in the market.


CG NEWS: Colorful pageants, designer lamps and worship materials made by Parivartan Self Help Group are in demand in the market.

Durg- Today, the women of Parivartan Mahila Self Help Group of Durg district of Chhattisgarh are succeeding in creating their own identity in the crowd. The women of the group have skills in their hands and have become proficient in scientific and technical work. With this skill the groups are getting a different identity. Like every year, this time too, in view of the festival of Diwali, lamps, piggy banks, idols, colorful garlands, designer lamps and puja and other items are being prepared in the traditional manner by the self-help groups associated with the National Rural Livelihood Mission Bihaan in the district. . Self-employment is being achieved by working especially for the women of the group and during festivals like Holi, Diwali etc. These women are preparing lamps made of cow dung and clay for Diwali, which have been designed in different colors.

Geeta Rajput, a resident of Baghera in Durg district, said that recently, children were given free training in making Rakhi at Ghanshyam Singh Arya Girls College, Durg. Under her leadership, winds of change are blowing in the lives of the women group members. The women of this group are making many types of products. Paddy bridal set, paddy batch, cow dung lamp, uniform stitching, rangoli, tili laddu, washing powder, herbal gulal, incense sticks, phenyl, mauli thread rakhi, paddy rakhi, rice rakhi, Rudraksh rakhi, cow dung. Rakhi etc. Home-ground turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilli, garam masala are available in C-Mart.

The fortunes of women changed with the help of employment.

For Diwali, idols of Shri Ganesh ji, Shri Lakshmi ji, colored lamps, auspicious benefits and Om made from sacred cow dung are available for sale. Geeta Rajput, President of Parivartan Mahila Self Help Group, said that each self-help group has 10 to 12 members. Women’s groups have been formed through women’s self-help groups. The work of making something or the other is going on in every group. There is a group in which the health center supplies food to the patients in Baghera. Uniform stitching was also done in other groups.

Women of the group becoming self-reliant

Rangoli work is also done every year on the occasion of festival from Ganesh Chaturthi to Diwali. Tili laddu is made in the month of January. Sewing work is going on. Along with sewing the flag, herbal gulal was also made for Holi. Incense sticks have also been manufactured. Also making washing powder. Now our product reaches the market and all the women can double their source of income by manufacturing various types of products. Our effort is to make every women self-reliant and generate a source of income for them.

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