CG Election: She is public… knows everything… but is not speaking yet


CG Election: She is public… knows everything… but is not speaking yet

public talking about elections

public talking about elections

Yashwant Ganjeer-Kurud. Voters and the general public were silent till now in an effort to gather information about the atmosphere in favor of Congress and other parties including BJP and other parties after the tickets of the candidates were decided and their entry into the field for the upcoming assembly elections in the state. But as soon as the box of election announcements by both BJP and Congress parties was opened, the people of the area have now opened their mouths.

Cg election: she is public... Knows everything... But is not speaking yet - news2news. In

Major political parties BJP and Congress are doing public relations in Kurud Assembly. Leaders of both the parties are enumerating the achievements of their respective governments and giving their respective guarantees on the election announcements. This time both the parties have played a big gamble to help the farmers, poor, youth and women. To know what is the opinion of the public regarding their announcements, when we talked to the villagers while reading newspapers and discussing at the intersections of some villages, they told that the announcements of both are almost equal. Someone said that Congress is giving more to BJP, while someone else said that an educated youth did a post-mortem of the announcements of both the parties and explained the mathematics of every rupee.

Local issues are more important than announcements

The young man, who has done his graduation in Joratarai and is now running a paan stall, said that the announcements of both Congress and BJP are in the air and are not visible on the ground. A farmer said that the one who provides more benefits to the farmers will have the upper hand. A woman returning from a private school after teaching said that both the governments have cheated us by making promises every time, but this time their guarantee will be in our fingers. When we asked a middle-aged man who was returning after threshing paddy in village Chorbhatti, he told that the announcements in Kurud Assembly do not have much impact, here people vote considering the local issues.

Who will women trust?

It is noteworthy that, here former minister Ajay Chandrakar is contesting from BJP for the sixth time, while this time Congress has fielded District Panchayat Chairman Tarani Chandrakar. Both the parties have made efforts to woo women after farmers. Congress women workers who went out for election campaign in Rampur, Hanchalpur told the women going to the fields that our candidate is a woman and our government will provide loan waiver to self-help groups and free electricity to the public. On reaching Korra, the members of BJP Mahila Morcha, who were engaged in elections, gave promises of women’s welfare on 9 points including Rs 12,000 per year to married women, citing Modi’s guarantee. Now the question is which party’s promise should women trust.

Public opinion rejected the possibility of change

During the discussion over tea in the evening, an agent engaged in exit poll survey work from Delhi said that before the announcements, there was mostly talk of change but after the manifesto of BJP-Congress came out, now the only discussion among the people is about their It is happening considering personal benefits. There seems to be resentment among women towards both the parties Congress and BJP on the issue of liquor ban due to which both the parties have distanced themselves from it. Which is hurting the urban voters more. Seeing this, public opinion has rejected the situation of change. Now is this for the entire state or is the public opinion only about Kurud Assembly. Only voting and results will tell.

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