CG Election: PM Modi’s big announcement in the public meeting of Durg, free ration scheme will run for the next five years, Congress is spreading poison of casteism among the poor.


CG Election: PM Modi’s big announcement in the public meeting of Durg, free ration scheme will run for the next five years, Congress is spreading poison of casteism among the poor.

Durg. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting organized at Durg Stadium on Saturday. Shri Modi said that Chhattisgarh was created by BJP and I guarantee that only BJP will improve Chhattisgarh. He said that only yesterday the state BJP has released its resolution letter. Women, youth and farmers of Chhattisgarh have been given the biggest priority. BJP has a track record, we keep doing what we say. He also talked about running the free ration scheme here for the next five years.

Shri Modi said that in front of BJP’s resolution letter there is also a bundle of lies of Congress. What is the priority of Congress? Its priority is to fill its coffers with corruption. Distributing jobs to celebrities. Putting your children out of jobs. This is what Congress has done in the PSC scam. The Congress government expelled AAP’s children and admitted its own children.

30 Taka Kakka, your work is done

When you go to government offices here, what do people say, when 30 taka comes out of the government office, your work is assured. There is certainty of 30 taka in every announcement of Congress. That’s why Chhattisgarh wants to get rid of the 30 taka government. Shri Modi said that, that is why the entire Chhattisgarh is saying… Au Nai Sahibo Badal Ke Rahibo.

Youth are being looted through betting

The Congress government of Chhattisgarh is not leaving any opportunity to loot you. They have not even left the name of Mahadev. A huge action has taken place in Raipur just two days ago. A huge pile of money has been found. People are saying that this money belongs to speculators, which they have accumulated by looting the poor and youth of Chhattisgarh. Congress leaders are filling their houses with this looted money. It is coming in the media that this money is going to those in Chhattisgarh.

Freaked out after getting hold of money

The Congress party here, the government here and the Chief Minister should tell the people of Chhattisgarh what their relations are with the accused of this scam sitting in Dubai. After all, why has the Chief Minister here become nervous after this money has been seized? Have entered the field. The leaders are threatening us in hushed tones. To whom are you giving these threats? Who are you scaring? This is the public who knows everything. These Congressmen abuse Modi day and night. Every day I eat two and a half kilos of abuse. Now the Chief Minister here has started abusing the country’s investigating agency and security forces.

The government broke your trust

This is Modi, he is not afraid of abuses. You have sent Modi to Delhi to hold the corrupt accountable. Action will be taken against those who have looted the poor of Chhattisgarh. Every penny will be accounted for. The corrupt government of Chhattisgarh has broken your trust by committing one scam after another and has insulted Chhattisgarh Mahtari. Counted the scams of the state government. After the formation of BJP government in the state, such scams will be strictly investigated. Those who loot your money will be sent to jail.

Highest caste poverty in the country

After coming to power in 2014, we instilled confidence among the poor brothers and sisters that poverty can be eradicated. We made such policies which made every poor an ally of Modi by becoming the ultimate soldier to end his poverty. The BJP government worked with great patience and honesty. For Modi, the biggest caste in the country is only one caste. Modi repeatedly says that if there is any caste that is the biggest in my country, it is the poor. Modi is his servant, his brother and his son who is poor. Poverty is reducing due to the policies of BJP government.

Political parties fear the unity of the poor

The poor of the country are uniting together and political parties are scared of this. They are afraid of the unity of the poor. That’s why they are trying to divide the poor and break the unity of the poor. Started a new game. New conspiracies are being hatched to break the unity of the poor. Adding the poison of casteism. We have to unite and foil every conspiracy that breaks the unity of the poor. We have to defeat poverty together. Congress is afraid of the self-confident and self-respecting poor. For this reason, the Congress government here uses all its strength to stop the schemes of the Centre. The free food scheme will run for the next five years.

Congress is abusing an OBC PM day and night

Regarding OBC reservation, Modi said that BJP has given maximum participation. The Union Cabinet has the highest number of OBC ministers. But what is Congress doing? It is abusing an OBC Prime Minister every morning and evening. Abuse Modi as much as you want but stop abusing OBCs. Congress should explain why it is abusing the entire OBC. Why is Congress calling the entire Sahu community as thieves? Along with abusing Modi, a Congress leader also called the entire OBC community a thief. The OBC community of Chhattisgarh and the entire country will never forgive Congress. BJP has a road map for the development of the state and the country.

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