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A girl born prematurely was called a ‘ghost’: The ruthless husband drove his wife out of the house, went to the forest with the five-day-old girl… Then what happened, read…

Jitendra Soni-Jashpur. Can the circumstances be so opposite for a mother that she goes to the forest with a five-day-old baby born from her womb. There, on the lower stem of a tree, first hang the girl on a noose and then go to the upper end of the same tree and hang yourself on the noose. She turned out to be a kumata… or a victim of circumstances…

In fact, a heart-wrenching incident has come to light from the Bagicha police station area of ​​Jashpur district. Seeing the picture, the heart comes to the mouth. In the first picture, a milk-fed baby is seen hanging on a noose on the trunk of the tree almost near the root. The dead body of the mother is seen hanging on the noose on the top of the same tree. On investigation, it was found that a woman had committed suicide by hanging herself along with her 5-day-old baby girl.

pregnant woman was beaten and taken out of the house

The matter pertains to Ghughari Gram Panchayat of Bagicha police station. At present, according to the things that are coming to the fore in relation to this incident and what the sources are saying, the husband of the deceased beat her up and threw her out of the house when the girl was born. Due to which the woman was upset, and perhaps seeing no help from anywhere, she had to take such a dreadful step. It has also been learned that the baby girl was born in 7 months only, due to which the husband had thrown the new born baby girl along with her mother out of the house saying that she is the child of a ghost.

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A girl born prematurely was called a 'ghost': the ruthless husband drove his wife out of the house, went to the forest with the five-day-old girl... Then what happened, read... - news2news. In

Husband is giving a different argument

On the other hand, the husband is arguing in the police station that his wife’s mental condition was bad. Because of which his wife did this. At present, the Bagicha police is on its way to the spot. On the other hand, station in-charge SI Pradeep Sidar told that investigation has been started in the matter, only after investigation something will be clear. But in the midst of all this, the people of Ghughri village of Bagicha police station are shocked by this heart-wrenching incident… and there is a stir in the village.

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