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2 died due to lightning: were standing under the tree to avoid the rain, lightning fell, died

Sanjay Yadav – Kawardha. The weather in Chhattisgarh has taken a sudden turn. It started raining with strong wind. During this, 2 people died due to lightning in Kawardha district. They were sitting under a tree due to rain, when there was thunder and lightning accompanied by rain, lightning flashed from the sky. Due to which 2 people died. The case is of Lohara police station area.

According to the information received, this incident is from Pelpar village. The names of the deceased are Nankuram Sahu and Parmanand Patel. Due to the rain, Nanku Sahu and Parmanand Patel were sitting under the banyan tree, then there was thunder and lightning along with the rain. Due to which 2 people died. The dead bodies of both were spread under the tree.

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