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Two passenger trains were stopped for the convoy of CM Nitish Kumar, the opposition made a mark

These days Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is on a solution journey in the state. Meanwhile, there has been such a sentence which is gaining momentum. Actually CM Nitish Kumar’s convoy had reached Buxar district of Bihar. At the same time, two passenger trains were stopped for 15 minutes to allow the CM’s convoy to cross the railway track. Now this matter has taken political color. Leaders of opposition parties have started besieging CM Nitish Kumar.

Union Minister Ashwini Choubey has demanded an inquiry into the matter of allegedly stopping the train from the crossing of CM Nitish Kumar’s convoy. Also, he has termed this incident as unfortunate. Ashwini Choubey said that two passenger trains were stopped. If this is not a hindrance then is it a solution? Will get a high level inquiry done on whose orders the train stopped? Children, old people were all upset. He has come on a picnic trip, not on a solution trip. He had come to create trouble.

this is the case

The convoy of CM Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar) was going to the district guest house by walking from the Buxar police line. During this, two passenger trains were stopped for crossing Itadhi railway crossing of Buxar. Here the Patna-Buxar passenger train and the Kamakhya Express were stopped at the outer. Due to this the passengers had to face trouble. According to news agency ANI, Gateman Santosh Kumar of Gumti told that the Chief Minister’s convoy was about to pass, so the train was stopped. The same passenger said, “Our train (train) has been stopped, so we are coming on foot. We have to go to Dildar Nagar. We will have to go ahead and catch another train.”

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