Nirbhaya incident in Bihar like Delhi, minor gang-raped in a moving car, father thrown on the road


Nirbhaya incident in Bihar like Delhi, minor gang-raped in a moving car, father thrown on the road

Police arrested the accused.

Police arrested the accused.

Minor gang rape in Bihar Samastipur in moving car: In Bihar’s Samastipur, a case similar to Delhi’s Nirbhaya incident has come to the fore. Here two accused raped a 16-year-old minor girl for 3 kilometers in turn and then threw her unconscious on the roadside without clothes and fled. While the third accused continued to drive. The girl remained unconscious for three days. At present, the police have arrested all the three accused and also recovered the Bolero car from them.

According to media reports, this incident is being told on the night of 16 August. A young man from Samastipur in Bihar had gone to Kolkata with his daughter. Both father and daughter reached Samastipur Junction from Kolkata at around 1 am. As soon as both came out of the station, a person named Yashwant Kumar asked – where do you want to go. When he told the name of his village, he said that we are also going the same way, if you want you can walk. Without thinking anything, the father of the minor got into his Bolero car with his daughter. Two people were already sitting in that car.

fainted after drinking cold drink

It is alleged that on the way near Muktapur, a person sitting in Bolero gave cold drink to both father and daughter. After this both of them fainted. It is alleged that the accused threw the minor’s father on the roadside on Pusa Road, a distance of 27 km. After this, two of the three miscreants took turns raping the minor in a moving car. The accused manhandled the minor for about 3 kms. After this, the minor escaped by throwing the girl on the roadside.

Villagers admitted the minor to the hospital

When the villagers saw the minor girl on the roadside on the morning of 17th August, they admitted her to Sadar Hospital. The girl’s father was also admitted to the same hospital in an unconscious state. When both regained consciousness on August 20, they came to know that both are father and daughter. After this, he complained about the matter to the police. Police formed a team and arrested all the three accused.

All three confessed their crime

The SP says that during interrogation all the three accused have confessed to their crime. They told that he used to target passengers at stations. He also used to loot the passengers by feeding them drugs.

These are the big events of Bihar

– In Bihar’s Samastipur district, the station in-charge was shot dead. They were conducting raids to nab suspected cattle thieves. During this, 8 to 10 miscreants started firing rapidly.

Journalist Vimal Yadav was murdered in Araria, Bihar. The police have so far arrested seven accused in this case.

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