Bihar Politics Update: Nitish Kumar has been a manipulator in the alliance; Know when you have taken a U-turn


Bihar Politics Update: Nitish Kumar has been a manipulator in the alliance;  Know when you have taken a U-turn

Nitish Kumar Bihar Politics Update: Events are changing rapidly in the political corridors of Bihar. The ongoing speculation regarding the next step of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Bihar has once again intensified. With Lok Sabha elections approaching, political developments seem to be changing rapidly.

Let’s know when CM Nitish has reversed course before this.

Revolt against Lalu Yadav in 1994
In the year 1994, Nitish Kumar surprised people for the first time by leaving Lalu Yadav. Moving away from Janata Dal, Nitish along with George Fernandes formed Samata Party. During this time, in 1996, he formed an alliance between BJP and Samata Party. However, in the year 2003, Samata Party became Janata Dal United (JDU).

In 2013, 17 years old relationship with BJP ended in one stroke.
In the year 2013, when BJP declared Narendra Modi as the PM candidate for the Lok Sabha elections 2014, Nitish Kumar did not like it and he broke the 17 year old alliance with BJP. After the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, Nitish resigned from the post of Chief Minister and handed over the chair to his government minister and Dalit leader Jitan Ram Manjhi.

‘Grand alliance’ with RJD and Congress
In 2015, Nitish Kumar once again contested the assembly elections by forming a grand alliance with his old ally Lalu Yadav and Congress. The most interesting thing in this election was that RJD got more seats than JDU. Despite this, Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister and Lalu Yadav’s younger son Tejashwi Yadav became the Deputy Chief Minister and elder son Tej Pratap Yadav became the Health Minister.

Nitish again joins NDA in 2017
In 2017, the government of two old friends continued to run smoothly for 20 months but then trouble started. The turmoil that started in April 2017 took a serious turn by July, after which Chief Minister Nitish Kumar resigned. After this BJP became the largest party but Nitish Kumar once again became the Chief Minister. The entire incident of this overthrow took place within 15 hours.

Nitish listened to the ‘voice of conscience’ in 2022
Nitish once again listened to the ‘voice of conscience’ in 2022 and left the NDA due to disagreements with the BJP. After this, Nitish again formed the government with the Grand Alliance.

Know what is the current number of members in the assembly
In the 2020 assembly elections, JDU jointly contested 115 seats and BJP 110 seats. BJP won 74 seats, while Nitish won only 43 seats.
At present, if we talk about the number of MLAs in Bihar, RJD is the largest party with 79 members. There are 77 MLAs from BJP, 45 from JDU, 19 from Congress, 16 from Left parties, 01 from AIMIM, 04 from Hindustani Awam Morcha and 01 independent MLA.

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