Bihar Floor Test: Three RJD MLAs joined NDA, one MLA was searched by police, seven MLAs remained missing.


Bihar Floor Test: Three RJD MLAs joined NDA, one MLA was searched by police, seven MLAs remained missing.

Till two days ago, the NDA alliance in Bihar was confident that the trust vote in the Assembly would be easily won. However, before last Saturday the situation seemed to be changing. It was revealed that many MLAs of the NDA faction are missing. In such a situation, difficulties seemed to be arising for Nitish Kumar. However, by the time the trust vote was passed on Monday, three RJD MLAs joined the NDA camp.

MLAs belonging to two powerful families took revenge
The two prominent leaders who are most talked about about changing sides include Chetan Anand, son of Bahubali Anand Mohan and Neelam Devi Pramukh, wife of Bahubali Anant Singh. Meanwhile, an RJD MLA Prahlad Yadav also switched sides from RJD and joined the NDA camp. Meanwhile, RJD alleged that their MLAs are being intimidated. Chetan Anand and Neelam Devi have been forcibly kept in the whip’s room.

MLAs changed sides inside the House
The interesting thing is that while the news of Chetan Anand and Neelam Devi changing sides came before the MLAs reached the Assembly for the floor test, RJD MLA Prahlad Yadav changed sides inside the House and sided with the ruling party. It is being told that he had reached the Assembly along with RJD leaders but as soon as he reached inside the Assembly, he went to the ruling party.

Police searched JDU MLA Sanjeev Kumar
There was no trace of MLA Sanjeev Kumar since Saturday. In such a situation, the entire NDA camp became worried about where he had gone. Finally, JDU MLA Sanjeev Kumar, who went missing before the floor test, was traced by the police on Monday. The police stopped him while returning from Jharkhand. He was brought to Patna under the supervision of Nawada Police. On reaching Patna, Sanjeev Kumar said that the news related to my being angry is not true. We are not cows or buffaloes that anyone can keep in check.

Manjhi’s phone was also unreachable
On Sunday night, news came that Hindustani Awam Morcha leader Jitan Ram Manjhi’s phone was said to be not reachable. However, on Monday morning Jitan Ram Manjhi reached the Assembly with Nityanand Rai. Let us tell you that when Nitish Kumar had staked claim to form the government on behalf of NDA, he had submitted letters of support from 128 MLAs. However, before the floor test on Monday, NDA said that 127 MLAs are present with it.

These leaders remained absent from Bihar Assembly
Three BJP MLAs were not present in the House. These include Mishrilal Yadav, Bhagirathi Devi and Rashmi Verma. Although, it was claimed that Bhagarathi Devi was present in the Assembly, but she was not seen in the House. JDU MLAs Bima Bharti and Dilip Rai did not reach the assembly.

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