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WTC Final: ICC opens treasury for WTC final, will get this much prize money

Indian Cricket Team.

Indian Cricket Team.

WTC Final: The final of the World Test Championship between India and Australia will be played from June 7 to June 11 at the Kennington Oval ground in London. June 12 has been kept as a reserve day for the WTC final. If play is stopped on any day during this match due to rain or any other reason, it will be played on 12 June to complete five days of play.

The prize money of WTC is 38 million dollars, these teams will get this much money

The ICC has announced a prize money of $1.6 million, which translates to over Rs 13 crore, to the winner of the World Test Championship final. Whereas the runner-up will get $8 lakh i.e. Rs 6 crore 60 lakh. South Africa, the third-placed team, will get US$4.5 million, while England, the number-four team, will get US$3.5 million. The Sri Lankan team, which is at number 5, will get 2 lakh dollars. On the other hand, New Zealand at number 6, Pakistan at number 7, number 8 and West Indies and number 9 and Bangladesh team will get USD 100,000 each.

In the last WTC also, the Indian cricket team had reached the finals, but the Indian team had to face defeat against New Zealand in Southampton, England. This time the Indian team will go for the final match against Australia.

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