Who will open in the T20 series against Afghanistan? 3 options in front of Team India


Who will open in the T20 series against Afghanistan?  3 options in front of Team India

New Delhi. 3 T20 series will be played between India and Afghanistan from January 11. Both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have been selected for this series. Both Rohit and Virat have returned to the Indian T20 team after about 14 months. Rohit will also captain the Indian team in this series. Now the question is, who will open in the T20 series against Afghanistan? What are India’s options?

In the Indian team that has been selected for the T20 series against Afghanistan, there are three different options for opening. Based on the previous series, only Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill can start the innings. Both of them had opened in three T20 series against South Africa. The second pair could be of Rohit-Yashasvi and the third could be of Rohit and Shubman Gill.

Who will be Rohit’s opening partner in T20?
Rohit Sharma is the common name as an option for all three opening pairs. That means one thing is clear that Rohit will start the innings. Just, who will be his opening partner? This has to be chosen. Rohit has already opened the innings with Gill and Yashasvi in ​​different formats.

Rohit opens with Gill in ODIs. Both of them had performed this responsibility in the World Cup also. Apart from this, in Test cricket, Rohit has opened the innings with Yashasvi on the West Indies tour. But, if this pair comes out to open against Afghanistan, then this will happen for the first time in T20.

Rohit-Gill pair has been a hit in ODIs
The opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill has been a hit in ODIs. So far, both of them have added 2265 runs while opening in 51 ODI innings. There have been century partnerships between this pair 6 times and half-century partnerships 13 times. The pair had made a partnership of 212 runs for the first wicket in the ODI played against New Zealand in Indore in January last year. However, Rohit and Gill never opened in International T20.

Gill and Yashasvi have also opened in T20.
Gill and Yashasvi can also open the innings against Afghanistan. Both of them have opened for India in T20. Gill-Yashshvi have added 206 runs while opening in 5 innings of T20. There has also been a century partnership between these two in T20. However, according to the current team combination, if Team India wants to go with right and left hand combination and in this case only Yashasvi Jaiswal can start the innings with Rohit Sharma.

Yashasvi has the upper hand on Gill
Well, the thing that goes in Yashasvi’s favor for opening is his strike rate. Opening the innings, Yashasvi’s strike rate in T20 is better than Gill’s and this is the T20 World Cup. In such a situation, the team management would like to try such a player as an opener who plays fast in the powerplay. In this matter, Yashasvi may outweigh Gill.

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