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There was a rift in the Grand Alliance! CM KCR’s taunt on Congress’s victory in Karnataka

Telangana CM CM KCR and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Telangana CM CM KCR and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

After the victory of the Congress in the Karnataka Assembly Elections, there has been a rift in the opposition unity. Tomorrow i.e. Saturday, the swearing-in ceremony has been held in Karnataka’s capital Bangalore (Bangalore) from 12:30 pm. In this function, Congress has invited many big leaders of the country, but Congress has not invited Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Telangana CM KCR. Due to this, a crisis is visible on the opposition unity. Meanwhile, Telangana CM KCR has taken a jibe at the Congress for further exacerbating the crisis. He said that whether the BJP wins or the Congress wins, the situation in the state is not going to change.

KCR’s taunt on Congress

According to media reports, CM KCR said that we have seen that BJP has been defeated in Karnataka, while Congress has come to the government. Whether someone loses or someone wins, nothing is going to change in the state. The same story has been repeating itself for the last 75 years, it will continue to do so even now. No change is going to come. It is clear from KCR’s statement that cracks have started appearing in the opposition unity. After the victory in Karnataka, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and the Samajwadi Party are talking about coming together with the Congress. At the same time, KCR is taunting the Congress.

KCR has also supported opposition unity

Let us tell you that KCR’s taunt on Congress has come at a time when there is talk of grand alliance against BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. With only one year left for the Lok Sabha elections, such a statement by KCR raises questions on the unity of the opposition. At present, all the parties of the country are eyeing defeating BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. It is not that KCR is not in favor of this alliance. Let us tell you that KCR has talked about opposition unity in the Lok Sabha elections in his many visits recently, but even after the victory of Congress in Karnataka, making such a statement raises questions.

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