Telangana Election 2023: CM KCR looted the state through scams, Anurag Thakur lashed out at BRS in Telangana


Telangana Election 2023: CM KCR looted the state through scams, Anurag Thakur lashed out at BRS in Telangana

Union Minister Anurag Thakur.

Union Minister Anurag Thakur.

Telangana Election 2023:These days, political activities have increased in Telangana regarding the assembly elections to be held on 30th November. Leaders of all parties are continuously campaigning across the state. In the same sequence, a bike rally was organized for the nomination of BJP’s Goshamahal assembly seat candidate Raja Singh. Union Minister Anurag Thakur also participated in this bike rally. Anurag Thakur campaigned for BJP. During this, he fiercely targeted Congress and the ruling BRS. He described BRS as involved in corruption and Congress as a false party.

Anurag Thakur lashed out at Congress and BRS.

During the rally, Union Minister Anurag Thakur fiercely targeted BRS and Congress. He said that seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of the people of Telangana clearly shows that this time the wind is against BRS in the state. The Union Minister said that the people of Telangana are fed up with the KCR government. The people of the state now want an honest and development government. Praising BJP, the Union Minister said that only BJP can give.

Along with this, while targeting Congress, he said that the governments formed by Congress were formed by giving false guarantees and those guarantees have failed. He said, false Congress, false guarantees. Let us tell you that voting will be held in Telangana on 30th November, while the results will be declared on 3rd December. Before the elections, all the parties are now busy in wooing the public through election campaign. Along with this, they are also making fierce statements against each other.

‘KCR’s entire family involved in corruption’

Along with this, blaming CM KCR, he further said that KCR has wasted Rs 5 lakh crore of the people of the state. KCR promised jobs to the youth but did not give them, talked about giving benefits of Rs 50 thousand crores to the Scheduled Caste brothers and sisters but did not give them, promised unemployment allowance but did not give them, promised to give permanent houses to the poor. But KCR government failed.

He said that this clearly shows that CM KCR has looted the state by committing scams in the state. Anurag Thakur said that KCR’s entire family is involved in corruption. Son-daughter, KCR and its leaders are involved in corruption. Now the people of the state are fed up with them and want to get rid of CM KCR and want BJP as an alternative. It is noteworthy that as the elections approach, all the parties start accusing each other.

Triangular contest in Telangana

If political experts are to be believed, this time a triangular contest is being seen in Telangana. Here BRS is also present with full force while Congress and BJP are also visible no less than anyone. Earlier, while addressing a public meeting in Telangana, Rahul Gandhi had also fiercely targeted CM KCR. Similarly, now BJP has targeted CM KCR.

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