Taj Hotel received threat to bomb, Mumbai Police tightened security, know when threats were received


Taj Hotel received threat to bomb, Mumbai Police tightened security, know when threats were received

Threat to blow up Taj Hotel: Mumbai’s Taj Hotel has received a bomb threat from Pakistan. This has created panic among the security personnel. Police has increased the security of Taj Hotel. On one hand, a meeting of India Alliance is being held in Maharashtra, on the other hand, today i.e. on Friday, Mumbai Police Control has been called and threatened that two Pakistanis will use sea route to bomb the Taj Hotel. Coming to India from After this, a case has been registered against the caller and the police has started searching for him. On the other hand, security has also been beefed up. At the same time, investigation of the case has revealed that the real name of the caller is Jagdamba Prasad Singh, who is originally a resident of Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh.

Even before this, we have received threat to blow up Taj Hotel.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that the Taj Hotel in Mumbai has been threatened with a bomb, even before this there have been threats to blow up Hotel Taj many times, but due to the promptness and security arrangements, this threat was not successful. It is possible. On August 20, 2022, the Mumbai Police received a call threatening to repeat attacks like 26/11. Not taking this threat lightly, the security system was increased while starting the Sagar Kavach campaign, in such a situation the person threatening could not do anything.

Threat to blow up Taj Hotel was received on 29 June 2020

Even before this, on June 29, 2020, Mumbai’s Taj Hotel had received a bomb threat. During this time too, there was panic among the security personnel due to receiving threats. This threatening call came from Pakistan. After receiving the call, it was immediately informed to the police. After this the security of Taj Hotel was increased. The person making the threat had said that an attack like 20/11 would happen again in Taj.

Threat was also received on 15 July 2023

Let us inform that recently on 15 July 2023 also there was a threat of 26/11 like attack. In fact, when Pakistani woman Seema Haider came to India, Pakistanis had threatened that if she was not sent back to Pakistan, once again an attack like 26/11 Taj Hotel would be carried out.

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