‘Stop Ranji Trophy…’ Bengal Sports Minister got angry, said – there is no such thing as privacy in dressing room


‘Stop Ranji Trophy…’ Bengal Sports Minister got angry, said – there is no such thing as privacy in dressing room

New Delhi. Former Indian cricketer and current Bengal captain Manoj Tiwari created a stir on social media on Saturday by posting a post regarding Ranji Trophy. Manoj advised to stop Ranji Trophy. However, Manoj has not given the reason for giving such advice. Manoj said that many things are going wrong in this tournament.

Manoj Tiwari, who is also the Sports Minister of West Bengal, expressed his disappointment on social media on Saturday, saying that India’s domestic first-class tournament should be removed from the 2024-25 season as the Ranji Trophy is losing its lustre. A lot of things are going wrong in the tournament. Many things need to be addressed to save this prestigious tournament with a rich history. It is losing its attraction and importance. I am disappointed by this. However, the reason for Manoj’s opposition and displeasure is not clear.

Manoj Tiwari got angry
Manoj Tiwari went live on Facebook after this tweet, where he pointed towards some issues, due to which he had to tweet this and said that he will retire from Ranji Trophy at the end of the current season.

There is no such thing as privacy in dressing room: Manoj
This statement of Manoj Tiwari has come at a time when the Bengal team is playing a Ranji Trophy match against Kerala. This match between the two teams is being played at Thiruvananthapuram College Ground instead of any big stadium. Manoj is angry about this.

He had said on Facebook Live itself, "In Kerala, we are playing the match in the college ground instead of the stadium whereas a stadium was built here a few years ago. We are being asked to play in a ground on the outskirts of the state. The dressing rooms are such that you cannot even plan your strategy properly because our dressing room and the dressing room in front are so close to each other that you can easily hear what is happening in the other room. There is no privacy. I hope this will be looked into in the future."

The Bengal captain further said, "I can’t go into much detail because I am a player and captain of a state team and I have to follow the BCCI code of conduct. I can’t say anything publicly during the match."

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