Shamar Joseph: Practiced with a ball made from a plastic bottle, worked as a security guard, now broke Australia’s pride in Gabba


Shamar joseph: practiced with a ball made from a plastic bottle, worked as a security guard, now broke australia's pride in gabba - news2news. In

Who is Shamar Joseph, The team which was not even considered worthy of drawing the match let alone winning, has created history by defeating Australia in its own home ground. Here we are talking about the West Indies team led by Craig Brathwaite, which has created a stir by defeating Australia by 8 runs in the second test played at the Gabba ground in Brisbane.

West Indies is the second country after India, which has achieved the feat of defeating Australia at Gabba after 1988. India had broken Australia’s pride in Gabba in 2021.

24 year old fast bowler Shamar Joseph has the biggest role in helping West Indies achieve this historic victory. Joseph had suffered such an injury to his thumb a day earlier that he was unable to walk even a single step. But, for his country, he came out to bowl on Sunday, the fourth day of the Brisbane Test and within two hours brought Australia to its knees and silenced all the people who criticized West Indies.

Joseph pounces on Australia like a wounded lion
Shamar Joseph bowled 12 consecutive overs with an injured thumb and took 7 wickets for Australia. The last wicket also came in his bag. Shamar had made his debut in the first Test of this series and by scoring a half-century in that match too, he had shown that he will prove to be a long-haul horse and taking 7 wickets for 68 runs in Gabba is another proof of this. However, the journey for Shamar to reach the West Indies team has been full of struggles.

The village of Shamar is surrounded by water on all sides.
Shamar Joseph comes from Guyana. Till a week ago no one knew his village. But now his village is being discussed all over the world. Reaching his village is also no less than a challenge to overcome because it is surrounded by water and the nearest city New Amsterdam is about 2 hours away from his village.

Despite such difficult circumstances, if Shamar reached the West Indies team, then it can be imagined what he must have faced to reach here.

Took a job as a security guard to earn a living
Till three years ago, Shamar Joseph used to work as a security guard to earn his living. Even though today he has wreaked havoc against Australia at Gabba. But, there was a time when he did not even have a cricket ball to practice bowling. Then they would melt fruits and plastic bottles and make balls from them and then play. Being a traditional Christian family, Shamar was not allowed to play cricket.

The family did not allow him to play cricket especially on Saturdays and Sundays. The family had set aside these two days for prayers in the church. For this reason, Shamar Joseph could never play youth cricket because his parents never allowed it.

Bowling by making balls from fruit plastic bottles
Despite this, he continued playing on the strength of his enthusiasm and passion. Initially he bowled with tennis balls. Due to his pace and accurate line length, he came into the public eye and his luck changed when he got a chance to play first class cricket for Guyana.

While playing for Guyana, he made headlines for his speed. After this he got a place as a net bowler in the Caribbean Premier League in 2023. After this he got a chance in the Guyana Amazon Warriors team. After this he did not look back.

Shamar Joseph made his debut in the first Test of the current series against Australia and dismissed a powerful batsman like Steve Smith on his very first ball. Along with taking 5 wickets, he also scored a fifty in the debut test. He continued the same trend in Gabba and played an important role in defeating Australia.

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