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SBI’s relief announcement, 10 notes of 2 thousand can be changed without filling the form, know the method

SBI’s relief announcement.

SBI’s relief announcement.

State Bank of India has issued a notice after Rs 2000 demonetisation. SBI said in its notice that you will be able to exchange notes up to Rs 20,000 without filling any slip. Please tell that SBI has issued this announcement today i.e. on Sunday. In a tweet, the bank said that people will not need to fill up slips to exchange 10 Rs 2,000 notes up to a limit of Rs 20,000. SBI has taken this decision by modifying the instructions contained in Para 4B. Along with this the bank said that no identity proof is required to be produced by the tenderer at the time of exchange.

Let us tell you that on May 19, RBI had decided to withdraw the Rs 2,000 note. RBI has ordered that pink notes can be deposited in banks from May 23 to September 30. Now pink notes will not be printed. Please tell that pink notes will remain valid in the market right now. You can use it till September 30, but after that it will not work. You will be able to change notes up to Rs 20,000 at a time in banks.

Printing of 2000 notes has been stopped since 2019.

Please tell that the 2 thousand note came in the market in November 2016. PM Narendra Modi had then closed 500 and 1000 notes. In its place, a new note of 500 and a pink note of 2000 was issued in the new pattern. After this RBI has stopped printing of 2000 notes since 2019.

A total of 6,849 crore notes of 500 and 2000 have been printed since 2016.

According to media reports, thousand note was proving helpful for those who hoard black money. In 2016, when the central government did demonetisation, it was expected that black money would come out of the houses of the corrupt, but it did not happen. The corrupt had converted most of their money into white money. According to RBI’s Annual Reports from 2016-17 to 2021-22, RBI had printed a total of 6,849 crore notes of 500 and 2000 since 2016. Out of them, more than 1,680 crore notes have disappeared from circulation. The total value of these missing notes is Rs 9.21 lakh crore.

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