PM Modi On DeepFake Videos: I was singing Garba song… PM Modi expressed concern over deepfake videos


PM Modi On DeepFake Videos: I was singing Garba song… PM Modi expressed concern over deepfake videos

PM Modi expressed concern over deepfake video.PM Modi expressed concern over deepfake video.

PM Modi On DeepFake Videos: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the media to make people aware about deepfake videos made through Artificial Intelligence. During the Diwali Milan function at the BJP headquarters in Delhi on Friday, PM Modi linked Diwali lamps and deepfake lamps and said that the media should make people aware and educate about this crisis.

PM Modi expressed concern

PM Modi said that I recently saw a video in which I was seen singing Garba song. Many other such videos are available on social media. He said that the looming threat of deepfakes has become a matter of great concern and it can create an atmosphere of anarchy in the society. Modi said he has requested the ChatGPT team to send alerts if such videos are being circulated on the internet. The PM said that in this era of Artificial Intelligence, it is important that technology is used responsibly.

What is this deepfake video?

Deepfake or synthetic media is used to create a face that looks identical to a photo or video of that person. Recently, after some similar incidents have come to light, there has been an uproar in the entire country. Deepfake videos of some Bollywood actresses using this technique have recently gone viral on social media. Since then the trend of misuse of technology started.

Reiterated the resolve of developed India

While addressing the BJP headquarters in Delhi, PM Modi also mentioned his resolve to make India a developed India and said that this is not just talk but the ground reality. Referring to his ambitious initiative to promote regional industries, he said that Vocal for Local has received tremendous support from the people. Modi further said that India’s achievements during the Covid pandemic have instilled confidence among the people that the country is unstoppable.

PM Narendra Modi also mentioned the great festival of folk faith, Chhath Puja and said that now it has become a national festival. He said that Chhath Puja has become a national festival and it is a matter of great joy. Let us tell you that the great festival of Chhath Puja of 36 hours of waterless fast along with bathing and eating has started from today. This great festival is to end with Paran on Monday. Arghya will be offered to the setting sun on November 19 (Sunday), while Chhath Puja will conclude with offering Arghya to the rising sun on the morning of November 20 (Monday).

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