Parliament special session Live: PM Modi’s address in Lok Sabha, said- success of G-20 is for the entire country


Parliament special session Live: PM Modi’s address in Lok Sabha, said- success of G-20 is for the entire country

Parliament special session LIVE Updates: A five-day special session of Parliament has started from today amid speculations about whether the Central Government will take any surprising step or not. The government has listed eight bills for consideration during this session, including a bill to bring changes in the selection of election commissioners. At the same time, the first day of the meeting will mark 75 years of the parliamentary journey since the formation of the Constituent Assembly. Both the Houses, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, will discuss the achievements, experiences, memories and learnings of the last 75 years. Meanwhile, during the all-party meeting before the session, leaders of all political parties stressed on passing the Women’s Reservation Bill. Some opposition parties questioned the timing of the session. Besides, the proceedings of the Parliament will also be transferred to the new building. Stay connected for all the big updates related to the special session of Parliament…

Parliament special session LIVE Updates:

Despite being weak, India emerged as a successful democracy: Kharge

Speaking in a special session of Parliament, Congress’s Mallikarjun Kharge said the British underestimated India, but it has emerged as a democratic nation. When we adopted democracy in 1950, many foreign scholars thought that democracy would fail here because there are millions of illiterate people here. The then British Prime Minister Churchill even said that if the British left, the judiciary, health services, railways and public works established by them would be completely destroyed, the system would be destroyed. They weakened us greatly. We have proved them wrong by maintaining democracy. We have strengthened it and defended it and we have been disrupted again and again. You ask what we have done in 70 years. Also, Kharge said that this is what we did in 70 years.

Adhir Chaudhary praised Nehru’s contribution to parliamentary democracy

Speaking at a special session of Parliament on Monday, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury praised Nehru’s contribution in establishing parliamentary democracy in the House. He recalled how the speaker would ring the bell whenever Nehru went over the time limit during his speech. He pointed to Nehru’s contribution to India when it faced the consequences of India-Pakistan partition.

Building becomes witness to ‘cash for vote’ scam

PM Modi said that this House also witnessed the ‘note for vote’ scam during the tenure of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This Parliament saw a party with just four MPs in power, while a party with more than 100 MPs sat in the opposition. As he talked about shifting the session from the old to the new Parliament building.

What did PM Modi say on Article 370, One Rank One Pension, GST?

Prime Minister Modi said that the old Parliament House has been witness to the most historic decisions, including Article 370, One Rank One Pension, GST and many other decisions. He stressed the importance of the building, saying that it will always remain essential even if the sessions move to a new building.

PM Modi paid tribute to the martyrs of the terrorist attack on Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to the martyrs killed in the terrorist attack on the Old Parliament House during a special session on Monday. He said that this attack was, in a way, an attack on the mother of democracy, our living soul. The country can never forget that incident. I also bow before those who took bullets on their chests to protect the Parliament and all its members while fighting the terrorists.

PM Modi recalls iconic speeches of Nehru, Vajpayee

Prime Minister Modi said that the old Parliament House has seen history in the making and it contains the soul of India and democracy. He also recalled the iconic speeches of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Pandit Nehru’s midnight speech (speech) and Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s statement, Government will come, but the country should remain, will always resonate here. When this Parliament lost three sitting Prime Ministers Nehru ji, Shastri ji and Indira ji they were given appropriate tribute here.

PM Modi at the old Parliament House

PM Modi said that the old building has been a witness to the sessions taking place from generation to generation. He said that despite the differences, the building has managed to maintain friendship among the members. We have experienced and started debates in this Parliament House and yet we have managed to remain a family. Inside this building we are rivals, but after coming out of the building, we have family-like love for each other. There are some bitter feelings between us, even though we meet after years, the love between us remains. I’ve seen it happen for generations.

PM said- getting a lot of love from the country

Speaking in a special session of Parliament on Monday, PM Modi said that he is overwhelmed by the love and respect he is receiving from the country. He said that I never thought that I would get so much love and respect from the country. Never thought that a child sleeping at the railway station could speak in Parliament some day. I am grateful to the country.

Success of G-20 is for entire India – PM Modi

PM Modi gave credit for the success of G-20 to the entire country and congratulated the MPs for the success. He said that the success of our G20 presidency is the success of India. Credit for this cannot be given to any person or party. It seemed impossible to get the Delhi Declaration passed, but we did it successfully. It is a matter of pride for everyone. Today, India is recognized globally, it is because of our culture and everything we have from the Vedas to Vivekananda.

The old Parliament House will continue to inspire generations: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said that the last session in the old Parliament House will be historic. We are holding a historic session here before being transferred to the new Parliament House. The decision to build this building was taken by the British, but it was my countrymen whose blood and sweat were put into building it. In the past PM Modi said that for 75 years everyone in this building has preserved Indian culture. Even if we move to the new Parliament building, this building will continue to inspire the coming generations.

Lok Sabha Speaker praised G-20 summit

Speaker Om Birla lauded the successful conclusion of the G-20 Summit 2023. He said that during the G-20 summit, India emerged as a voice of peace and restraint in the world. He said that due to PM Modi’s ‘vision and guidance’, consensus was reached even on sensitive issues in the New Delhi Declaration issued by the G20 leaders.

PM Modi held a meeting

Before the special session, Union Ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and Prahlad Joshi reached Parliament. The Prime Minister is currently meeting with these ministers as the session is scheduled to begin with PM Modi’s inaugural speech at 11 am.

there will be plenty of time to cry

Urging the opposition to spare some time for this short session, Prime Minister Modi said that the session will be short but full of enthusiasm and trust. This session is important for many reasons. I request all the MPs to spare some time for this session. It’s short, there’s more time to cry. This session will be full of faith and positivity, there will be an atmosphere of celebration and enthusiasm.

PM Modi before the special session of Parliament

Before the start of the special session of Parliament today, PM Narendra Modi said that this session will be historic for many reasons. He praised Chandrayaan-3 mission. PM said that Chandrayaan-3 has hoisted our tricolor, Shiv Shakti Point has become a new center of inspiration, Tricolor Point is filling us with pride. Whenever such an achievement is made, it is seen all over the world. When this potential is revealed to the world, many opportunities and possibilities knock at India’s door.

AAP issues 3 line whip for Rajya Sabha MPs

Aam Aadmi Party has issued a whip for all its MPs in Rajya Sabha. This notice said that all the members of the Aam Aadmi Party in the Rajya Sabha are informed that some very important issues will be raised in the Rajya Sabha in the upcoming special session. In view of this, all members of the Aam Aadmi Party are requested to be positively present in the House from 11 am till the adjournment of the House from 18th September to 22nd September 2023 and support the stand of the party.

First day of 75 years of parliamentary journey

On the first day of the special session, Lok Sabha has listed the business to discuss the achievements, experiences, memories and learnings of 75 years of parliamentary journey starting with the Constituent Assembly. The discussion on parliamentary journey will be held simultaneously in both the Houses and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will initiate the discussion in the Lok Sabha.

The session will run in the new building on Tuesday

The central government has announced that the proceedings of Parliament will be held in the new building on Tuesday. A puja will also be organized to commemorate the transfer. Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar hoisted the national flag at the new Parliament House on Sunday morning.

Emphasis on women’s reservation bill

At an all-party meeting called by the government on the eve of the session on Sunday, several political parties strongly advocated the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill during the five-day Parliament. The government said that appropriate decision will be taken at the appropriate time. A proposal in this regard was put forward in the all-party meeting by NCP working president and Ajit Pawar loyalist Praful Patel.

Congress MP called the 5-day meeting routine

Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury described the five-day session in Parliament as routine and criticized the Center for not allowing members to speak during Question Hour and Zero Hour. After the conclusion of the all-party meeting in the national capital, the Congress MP said that the opposition parties Don’t understand the government’s reason for calling the off-season Parliament session starting from Monday The Congress leader said that we thought that the special session has been called to discuss some new issues or some miracle is going to happen. Now it feels like a regular session.

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