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Ola S1 scooter’s suspension breaks at 35 speed, woman admitted to ICU

ola scooty suspension brake

ola scooty suspension brake

This is not the first time that questions have been raised about the safety of electric scooters. Even before this, many incidents of electric scooters catching fire have been seen or read. You will also be shocked after reading the news that has come to the fore. Actually, Ola’s electric scooter Ola S1 could not even withstand the speed of just 35 km. The scooter’s front suspension broke, due to which the woman riding the scooter fell on the road and got injured. He suffered such serious injuries that he was directly admitted to the ICU on being taken to the hospital. His family members are praying for his safe return. On the other hand, the victim’s husband has shared this entire incident on Twitter. No official statement has come out in this whole matter yet.

On January 22, a person named Samkit Parmar shared some pictures and videos on social media Twitter. In this, Samkit told that yesterday a terrible incident happened with my wife. She was traveling on Ola Electric scooter, at a speed of about 35 kmph the wheel suspension of the scooter broke at 9.15 pm due to which she fell away. Parmar has claimed in his tweet that his wife is currently in the ICU due to the incident. He asked who is responsible for this?

Let us tell you that this is not the first incident of Ola electric scooter suspension breakdown. Even before this, such cases have come to the fore. The special thing is that people are liking Ola electric scooter the most. Ola company is ahead of other companies in the sale of electric scooters. However, this incident shows that there is a need to further improve the design or structure of the electric scooter. Any official statement related to this news will come out, will be shared.

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