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News2News.in-Inh News: CEC should be effective, need like ‘Sheshan’! With Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi in the program ‘Discussion’

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi in the program ‘Discussion’

News2News.in-Inh News: In the special program ‘Discussion’ of News2News.in-INH, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi said in the beginning that Hello, welcome to our special program Charcha, today we will talk under the discussion made by the yesterday above comments. There was a hearing in the on Wednesday. Many petitions are pending in the regarding the functioning of the , its methods and appointments. In the same way during the hearing the comments were made by the 5 member head bench and it forced us.

Today we are talking about doing this program. Our topic today is CEC should be effective, there is a need like ‘Sheshan’!… TN Seshan whose name only mentions a great experience of the past passes in front of us. The came into existence in the country since then. When the constitution came into force in the country. Don’t know how many election commissioners were appointed by this electoral body and continued to do their work.

But the country has never known who is there as the Election Commissioner. Worked as Election Commissioner for 8 years as the first Election Commissioner. Those people knew him, who used to sit in the IAS IPS competitive examinations. The question will be who is the first judge, who is the first woman chief minister and in which the question is expected to come who was the election commissioner. Apart from this, there was no need to know anything. On December 11, 1991, the Election Commissioner was appointed by the then government and after that there was a change in the Election Commission and how the Election Commission works. what works What are his rights? How can the Election Commission play a role in saving democracy? In this program, we are discussing this matter in detail.

CEC should be effective, need like ‘Sheshan’!


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