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News2News.in Explainer: India made a plan to avoid the scorching heat, know what is the Heat Action Plan

Heat Action Plan.

Heat Action Plan.

News2News.in Explainer: The heatwave is wreaking havoc all over the country. People are very worried about the scorching heat. In the month of May itself, the temperature of many cities of the country has reached above 40 degree Celsius, which is becoming a big problem for the country. In today’s News2News.in Explainer, we will tell you what plan the Government of India has made to beat the scorching heat.

PM Modi had held a meeting in the month of March itself in view of the heat and gave strict instructions to his officials to audit the fires in the hospitals in view of the increasing heat in the coming times. Along with this, the PM had also appealed to the people to be careful about the rising heat. Also requested to provide weather related information on newspapers and TV channels, radio. The government is ready to deal with the heat of 2023. The government says that in 2023, the HIT action plan will be implemented in every state and district in India. However, in a report (how is India adopting to heat waves) that came a few days ago, it has been told that India is not yet fully prepared to face the rising temperature in the coming times.

What is heat action plan

Heat Action Plan (HAP) is the process to deal with dangerous heat, heat wave or heatwave in India and the economic losses caused by it. It covers a variety of early onset, disaster response, and post heatwave activities by state, district, and city government departments to mitigate the effects of heatwaves.

Cities are divided into zones

Under this plan, the cities are divided into three zones according to the heat and then the city is selected according to the zone. First of all, those cities will come where the temperature will be 41.1 to 43 degrees, these cities will be kept in the Yellow Alert Zone. The city with temperature ranging from 43.1 to 44.9 will be placed in the Orange Alert Zone. At the same time, red alert is issued in cities with temperature above 45 degrees.

Ahmedabad city of Gujarat has become the first city in India where HIT action plan has been implemented. The signal works according to the color code in the heat action plan. Green alert means temperature is normal then no action will be taken. Yellow Alert gives updated information. Orange Alert prepares for action. Red alert goes only when action has to be taken.

Heat kills people in India

The number of people dying due to heat in the country is increasing daily. According to the information received from the reports, from 2000 to 2004, 20,000 people died annually due to heat among people above 65 years of age. This figure reached to more than 31,000 between 2017 and 2021. Last year 2022 was the hottest year for India, if weather reports are to be believed then this year also people will have to face severe heat.

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