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Is there anything wrong with the appointment of Election Commissioner Arun Goyal in the midst of elections? SC seeks appointment file from Center

Amidst the ongoing elections in the country, the appointment of the newly appointed has come under scrutiny. The eyes of the are fixed on him. In this episode, the has asked to present the original file related to the selection of Arun Goyal in the court. The court said that it wanted to know whether there was any malpractice in his appointment.

The court said that the appointment has been made within three days of the commencement of the hearing. This appointment has been made after filing an application objecting to the appointment process. The bench said that we just want to know what process was followed for the appointment? If this appointment is legally correct then what is the need to panic? It would have been appropriate if the appointment had not happened during the court hearing.

Questioning the autonomy of the , the constitution bench of the asked the government with the example that if any PM has been accused, has the commission taken action against him? The bench asked the government to inform us about the entire process of appointment of the Election Commissioner. Recently you have appointed a commissioner. Now you will remember everything.

By what process did you hire them? After Justice KM Joseph, Ajay Rastogi also questioned the process of appointment of election commissioners and said that you have compared it with the judiciary. Changes were also made in the appointment process in the judiciary. If there is any flaw in the existing system, then it is necessary to improve and change it. The government that appointed judges and CJI also became a big judge. But there were question marks on the process. The process has changed.

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