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Fierce fire in West Bengal’s Siliguri slums, hundreds of houses gutted, 75 families homeless

A fierce broke out in locality of West Bengal last night. The has started in Rana Basti. It is reported that a major accident has taken place due to cylinder . But the situation is not clear yet. Along with this, hundreds of houses have been burnt and 75 families have become homeless.

According to media reports, after the fire broke out in Rana Basti, 6 vehicles reached the spot, but the fire could not be controlled. The fire was so fierce that hundreds of houses caught fire in front of the people. Police Commissioner Akhilesh Chaturvedi said that at least 5 fire brigade vehicles are on the spot at the accident site. During this a firefighter was injured. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, although several cylinder blasts fueled the fire. About two thousand people live in this slum.

Many houses caught in the fire have been burnt to ashes. Police say that this area is very crowded. Because of this also the fire brigade has faced a lot of difficulties in extinguishing the fire. At present, people are being shifted to a safer place. Efforts to control the fire are going on continuously.

8 including three women injured in the accident

On the other hand, eight people, including three women, were injured in a blast at the ordnance factory at Aruvankundu in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris district on Saturday morning. Officials gave this information. The blast took place on Saturday morning and the injured were taken to various hospitals, an official said. Three women were admitted to the factory hospital. While 3 people who complained after the blast were admitted to the government hospital in Nilgiris. Two others were admitted to the Cantonment Hospital in Ooty. Here also the cause of the blasts is being investigated. The investigation of this matter is going on.

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