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Emergency landing of Go First flight at Coimbatore airport, the plane was going from Bangalore to Male for Maldives with 92 passengers

A flight going from Bangalore to Malé in Maldives survived a major accident. An hour after take-off from the airport, the aircraft had to make an emergency landing at Coimbatore due to an engine failure, with 92 passengers on board at that time. In the last several days, there have been reports of disturbances in flights.

According to a PTI report, the latest case of emergency landing of Indian aircraft came to light after an emergency landing of a aircraft in Coimbatore on Friday. The plane, which was going from Bengaluru to Maldivian capital Male carrying 92 passengers, had to land after the smoke alarm sounded. When the pilot got to know about the smoke warning in flight, he immediately took off over Coimbatore city in . The pilot immediately spoke to air traffic control and landed the plane at the airport.

However, the Coimbatore Airport Authority says it was a ‘false alarm’. When both the plane’s engines reportedly overheated, the alarm went off. Engineers at the airport checked the plane and found something wrong with the alarm. Engineers had given a green signal for the aircraft to be fully fit to take off. The central government is also worried about the reports of frequent technical glitches in the planes.

Recently, many planes have had to make an emergency landing in the neighboring country of Pakistan as well. Due to this, last month Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had also called a meeting of the heads of all Indian airlines. The meeting was called several times during the last one month after reports of technical glitches surfaced. In the meeting, Scindia had clearly told all the airlines that all necessary steps should be taken for the safety of the passengers. On this matter, company spokesperson said that the matter is being inspected by engineering team and the deficiency will be rectified soon.

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