Another ‘Sachin’ getting ready for Team India, came out after being heated in an iron furnace, the bat has been tested for hitting sixes.


Another ‘Sachin’ getting ready for Team India, came out after being heated in an iron furnace, the bat has been tested for hitting sixes.

Who is Sachin Dhas, India’s Under 19 World Cup Star: The Indian cricket team reached the final of the Under-19 World Cup for a record 9th time by defeating South Africa. While captain Uday Saharan played an inning of 81 runs, Sachin Das scored 96 runs in difficult times. After the fall of 4 wickets at the score of 32 runs, both of them made a record partnership of 171 runs for the fifth wicket and turned the losing game around. Thanks to this partnership, India won the match by 2 wickets with 7 balls remaining and came one step closer to its sixth title.

Before this match, Sachin Das also played an inning of 116 runs in 101 balls against Nepal in the Super-6 round match. In that match too, there was a partnership of 215 runs between Sachin and captain Uday Saharan and the pair maintained the same trend against South Africa and made a big partnership at a crucial juncture and led the team to victory.

Who is Sachin Das?
Sachin Das is a resident of Beed, Maharashtra and in the early stages of his career, even his bat was investigated due to hitting sixes in a tournament. At that time, Sachin was young and his height was not such that anyone could believe that a boy of such a young age could hit such long sixes. The organizers of the tournament were extremely surprised by Sachin’s ability to hit sixes and they checked whether anything was stuck in his bat.

Practiced playing short ball through iron plate
Sachin played fierce pull shots against the short ball in the Under-19 World Cup semi-final against South Africa. Seeing him it never seemed that he was uncomfortable with the short ball on a bouncy pitch. This is not amazing for one day’s hard work.

Sachin’s coach Sheikh Azhar told the Indian Express, "He has always been good against pace and spin. But we wanted to check whether he can play short balls well or not. Therefore, right from the beginning, we used to place a long iron plate in the good length area and then throw down on it. This increased the speed of the ball and also gave additional bounce.

The coach further said, "Initially, Sachin faced difficulty in playing such balls. But, as time progressed, his game improved and today the result is that Sachin batted boldly even against the short balls of South African fast bowlers."

Named after Sachin Tendulkar
Let us tell you that Sachin Das also has a special connection with former Indian captain Sachin Tendulkar. Father Sanjay Das named him after Sachin Tendulkar, who is his second favorite cricketer after Sunil Gavaskar. Sachin’s father has also been a cricketer himself. Therefore, his dream about Sachin since childhood was to make him a cricketer and today that dream seems to be coming true.

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