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Amazing love story: Assam’s boy married his dead girlfriend, family was not ready, took this oath by demanding

Lover marries dead girlfriend in Assam

Lover marries dead girlfriend in Assam

You must have often heard about many such incidents on social media, which we sometimes do not believe. A heart-wrenching case has come to light from Morigaon in Assam. Where a young man was seen completing rituals with his girlfriend, who died in the hospital. The video of this incident is also going , in which the young man is seen filling the demand of his dead girlfriend and then garlanding her.

Prarthana, 24, a resident of Kosua village in Chaparmukh, and Bitupan, 27, a resident of Morigaon, were in love. And were about to get married soon. A few days ago, Prarthana’s health deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, due to deteriorating health of the prayer, he died on 18 November. When Bitupan finds out, he reaches Prarthana’s house and marries Prarthana’s dead body. People got emotional after watching this video.

An example of the love of this lover was that he has promised not to marry again in front of the dead body of his beloved. Bitupan is seen applying vermilion on the girl’s cheeks and forehead in the same way. The way a man puts on his newly married bride. But Prarthana’s family refused. But Bitupan said that this was the last wish of the prayer. He became the bride. The family accepted defeat in front of Bitupan’s love and stubbornness. And before the last farewell of the dead body, both Bitupan and Prarthana got married. All the people who were present at this . Everyone got emotional. Prarthana’s brother said that she wanted to marry Bitupan. I am happy that they have fulfilled his last wish. Bitupan wept profusely at the last farewell of the prayer.

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