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Yamraj can become a small spider, see here the symptoms and home remedies to reduce the poison

What to do on spider bite?

What to do on spider bite?

Home Remedies For Spider Bites: Many times it happens that we do not even know and a spider is moving anywhere in our hands, feet or body. Many times it happens that we are not immediately aware of the spider walking or biting on our body. But if the biting spider is poisonous, it can cause great harm to your health. Many spiders are not poisonous, but some are so dangerous that if they bite, a person can also die. The relief thing here is that the spiders that are commonly found in the house are not that poisonous and no one has any serious problem due to their bite.

Let us tell you that if a poisonous spider bites you, then many different symptoms are seen in the body. Generally, on spider bite, you have to go to the hospital and get treated. But in many cases, spider bites can be treated at home. If we talk about what are poisonous spiders, then Recluse and Widow Spiders, Yellow Sack Spider, Wolf Spider, Jumping Spider etc. are of poisonous tendency.

What are the symptoms of spider bite?

Within 30 minutes to 2 hours after a spider bite, you start to see some symptoms. These symptoms are:-

itchy skin


feeling swollen

skin irritation

fever in many cases

pain or numbness at the bite site

On the other hand, if you are bitten by a poisonous spider, then such symptoms are seen in you: –

high blood pressure


vision and hearing problems

muscle cramps

severe headache

fever, chills, sweating

vomiting or nausea

swollen lymph nodes

The most important is the formation of a red or purple ring at the place where the spider bites.

Follow these home remedies for spider bite

  • Aloe vera gel

Please tell that aloe vera is a mine of virtues. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing the swelling caused by spider venom. In this recipe, all you have to do is apply aloe vera gel after washing the place where there was burning sensation.

  • Turmeric

Make a paste of one teaspoon turmeric and olive oil on spider bite and apply it on the affected area. You have to apply it every hour.

  • potato

If you start getting jealous due to spider bite, then you have to immediately cut a potato and apply it on the infected area. This will reduce swelling and pain.

  • lavender oil

You can also use lavender oil to reduce swelling at the spider bite site. You will get relief from swelling as well as pain.

  • Chamomile oil

If your skin is getting irritated then you can also use chamomile oil. This will also reduce swelling and provide relief from pain.

When to go to the doctor for spider bite?

If you are bitten by a poisonous spider, you should go to the doctor without delay. Even if you have not been bitten by a venomous spider, you should still consult a doctor. If you experience an allergic reaction, such as shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or an increased heart rate, do not ignore symptoms.

You can use these creams and ointments

– antihistamine cream

– hydrocortisone cream

Note: Keep in mind that you must go to the doctor, you can do temporary treatment with these home remedies. But this is not a complete treatment.

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