World Pneumonia Day 2023: Risk of pneumonia increases in winter, know the symptoms and methods of prevention


World Pneumonia Day 2023: Risk of pneumonia increases in winter, know the symptoms and methods of prevention

world pneumonia day 2023

world pneumonia day 2023

World Pneumonia Day 2023:World Pneumonia Day 2023 is celebrated every year on 12 November. The winter season has started. In such a situation, cold, cough and breathing problems increase. Whenever the weather starts changing, it is common for such problems to occur. But if this is happening for a long time, then you should consult a doctor.

Respiratory problems are caused by pneumonia. Pneumonia is a lung infection that spreads through sneezing, coughing, touching or breathing contaminated air. The problem of pneumonia is most common in children and elderly people in winter. Many times, life is lost due to this serious disease. Let us know the symptoms, prevention and precautions of pneumonia through this news..

what is pneumonia

Pneumonia is a type of infectious disease, which affects the lungs the most. Sometimes the disease of pneumonia becomes so severe that the lungs get filled with pus. Due to this, there is fever, chills, cough and difficulty in breathing along with phlegm and pus. The risk of pneumonia is higher than that of diseases like fungus, bacteria and viruses. This disease is seen more in small children and elderly people in winter.

What are the symptoms of pneumonia?

  • Problem of phlegm coming with cough.
  • chest pain and difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting, nausea and diarrhea problems
  • Sweating, shivering and fatigue-fever.

How to prevent pneumonia?

  • To recover quickly from pneumonia, gargle by adding salt to lukewarm water. This will help in removing the mucus accumulated in the throat. Do this at least 3 times a day.
  • Peppermint tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps prevent pneumonia. Besides, it also helps in getting relief from pain. Consuming hot tea made from peppermint makes it easier to expel the boil. Lemon and honey are required to make it.
  • If you are having trouble breathing due to pneumonia, then definitely consume a cup of coffee. Consuming things containing caffeine opens the airways, due to which oxygen can reach the lungs properly.
  • A compound called curcumin is present in turmeric. Additionally, its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help the body fight the symptoms of pneumonia. Consuming turmeric provides relief from problems caused by pneumonia.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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