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World Breastfeeding Week 2022: These methods will naturally increase milk production, as well as maintain your figure

Milk production will increase naturally with these measures

Milk production will increase naturally with these measures

Sufficient milk production after delivery in some women (To Boost Milk Production Try These Yoga Asana) does not happen, then some women breast feeding ( Mother) is worried about the deterioration of her figure. If such women do regular practice of some yogasanas, then they can get relief from both the problems.

According to doctors, breast feed to the baby for at least 6 months after birth. the baby up to 6 months is considered very important) is considered very important. Because it provides maximum nutrition to the baby. But after delivery, many women do not produce enough breast milk. In such a situation, women are advised to take a healthy diet. yoga expert development It is said that if you want, you can also practice some yogasanas along with it. After delivery, after consulting the doctor, regular yoga practice (Regular Yoga Sessions) can increase breast milk, as well as maintain your figure.Your figure can also be maintained) can be placed.

  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana,

process: To do this asana, first lay a yoga mat. Lie on your back on this. Keep your feet at a distance. After this, keep the soles firmly on the ground. Hips, raise the waist. Grab your feet with your hands. In this position, your head, shoulders and soles will remain on the ground, while the rest of the body will remain elevated. Now breathe 8-10 times. Then slowly bring the hips down. You can do this asana 3 times.

the gain: Setubandha posture is very beneficial for lactating women. Milk production increases with its regular practice. Also, the body of women is also toned. It helps in controlling the weight. It also burns belly fat. Apart from this, the spinal cord becomes strong by doing Setubandha posture. It also removes menstrual problems.

Precautions: doing this asana if you have pain in knees, neck, shoulders. Apart from this, women who have the problem of hyperactive thyroid should also doing Setubandha asana.

  • Marjariasana,

process : To do Marjari posture, first of all, stand on a yoga mat with knees bent. Keep the toes of the feet on the ground. Bring the body towards the front, keep the hands on the ground in line with the knees. The fingers should be facing forward. Now inhale while stretching the spine upwards. Then slowly come back to normal. You can do this asana 3-5 times.

the gain: Women can also do this asana after childbirth. Doing marjari asana can be beneficial for you in many ways. This removes the problems related to digestion. Along with this, there is also relief in spinal, back and back pain. By doing Marjari asana, the posture of the body is better, it helps in maintaining the figure of the body.

Precautions: If you have back, neck pain, then doing Marjari posture in this position. Apart from this, marjari posture should not be done even if there is injury in the spine, pain in the knees.

  • Chakrasana,

process : To do Chakrasana, first lie down on your back on a yoga mat. Now bend both your legs from the knees. Keep the soles of both your feet on the ground. After this, place both the palms in front of the shoulders. While inhaling apply pressure on the palms and feet. Then raise your entire body to form an arch. Stay in this state for a while, then come back to normal. You can repeat this asana 3-5 times.

the gain : After delivery, most women have to face the problem of belly fat, so doing chakrasana can be beneficial. It burns fat, it also tones the body. Doing chakrasana regularly also increases the production of breast milk. By doing this yoga asana, the blood circulation in the body increases. This makes the body strong and flexible.

Precautions: Do this asana according to your ability. Avoid doing this asana if you have high blood pressure, dizziness, abdominal swelling or hernia problem. Also, one should avoid doing this asana even if there is pain in the neck and back.

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