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World Breastfeeding Week 2022: Adopt these effective home remedies to increase milk, it will be beneficial for the baby

Sometimes newborns (Newborn Babies) does not fill its stomach with its mother’s milk. In such a situation, instead of getting upset or listening to the treatment, experienced Vaidya or Ayurvedic specialist (consulting an experienced Vaidya or Ayurvedic specialist)Some measures can be implemented by taking advice from The mother should be taken care of during pregnancy so that the newborn child does not lack the mother’s milk.

Mental stress during pregnancy, distress at home, lack of nutritious food, hectic also increases the pressure on the nutrition glands inside the body, as a result the balance of hormones is disturbed, which slows down milk production. Therefore, even after pregnancy and delivery, the mother should remain free from stress. Take care of nutritious food and adequate rest during this time. Spinach, mint, fenugreek, gram, beans, lentils, kidney beans, moong, cauliflower, turnip should be taken as calcium-rich food.

Try These Effective Home Remedies

Prolactin hormone () is related to the pituitary gland located in the brain. When the baby is born, the efficiency of that prolactin hormone itself increases, as its level increases, milk increases in the woman’s breasts. For this, follow some things.

  • Feeding raw coconut, milk, ghee to the mother during pregnancy helps in producing enough milk after delivery.
  • Consumption of laddoos of carom seeds, gum and dry fruits increases milk production after pregnancy and delivery.
  • After delivery, the consumption of Dashmularishta, Dashmool Kwath, Saubhagya Shunthi Pak is beneficial.
  • Mother’s massage is also very important after delivery.
  • Consumption of almonds and fenugreek seeds in increasing milk is beneficial for the mother.
  • Rich in natural sweetness, dates increase the hormone prolactin, due to which there is an increase in milk.
  • Roast a little cumin on a griddle, after cooling make a powder by grinding it. Mix equal quantity of shatavari powder. Consuming half a teaspoon regularly in the morning and evening will definitely increase the quantity of milk.

(The remedies mentioned here are general, be sure to consult an Ayurveda specialist before trying them)

Vaidya Harikrishna Pandey ‘Harish’

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