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World AIDS Day: Since when is World AIDS Day being celebrated? Know the symptoms and history of this incurable disease

World AIDS Day: every year 1 december To world AIDS Day is celebrated. AIDS is an incurable disease, so far no original treatment has been found. This is the reason that by celebrating World AIDS Day every year, efforts are made to create awareness among people about this dangerous disease. Along with this, this message is given to the whole world that instead of boycotting the AIDS patients in the society, this disease can be dealt with unitedly. This is the reason why the World Health Organization (WHO)WHOyears 1988 It was announced to celebrate World AIDS Day on December 1 at the national and international level.

Let us now know what is AIDS?

The full form of AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Is. This human immunodeficiency virus (human immunodeficiency virus) Due to this. This virus weakens the immunity in the body, due to which the infected person becomes a victim of diseases one after the other. By the way, no country in the world has a cure for this disease. If this disease is treated in the initial stage, then this disease can be dealt with. Please tell that if this disease reaches its last stage then there is no cure for it. In such a situation, the infected person has to lose his life.

Know the symptoms of this dangerous disease

Some changes are seen in the body when infected with AIDS, such as rashes on the body, sweating, high fever, feeling very tired in the body, frequent vomiting and diarrhea, lumps on the body and constant itching etc. Happen. If a person has had unprotected sex and is seeing such symptoms in his body, then you should immediately get an AIDS test done. The prescription given by the doctor should be strictly followed.

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